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02 December 2008

An Individual Rights Champion of Note

Recently I reviewed Gen LaGreca's novel Noble Vision, which I love, and she was very gracious in taking note of my review. Upon receiving her note, I decided to try to find anything else she had written. It turns out that she had written an article in the March issue of The New Individualist called "The Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society." I came across several other essays which you can find on-line.

The first I read was "The Declaration of Independence 2008." I had actually thought of writing such a piece at one time, so I was eager to see what she had done with this idea. Well, as I expected based on her novel, what she did was write a very strong statement declaring the sovereignty of the individual with his inalienable rights arising from his nature, not from government. She made it clear that property rights are among our individual rights, though it is very difficult for me to perceive how Americans have come to view property rights as not fully implied by the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It seems clear to me that each of this triumvirate actually implies the right to property. However, rational thought does not come easily to many Americans nowadays and seems not to come at all to many others. Gen goes on to enumerate the many ways that our governments, federal, state, and local, have taken to violating the rights of the individual, rather than serving the sole function of good government, which is to protect individual rights. She decries special interest group politics, entitlements, dependence, and the many conflicts that excessive government has brought about. Her list of grievances against tyranny makes the list against King George III in the Declaration of Independence of 1776 look puny, as I was sure my list would should I have written it. She leaves no doubt that we live under tyrannical rule.

Gen pointed me to her newest essay, "Why we MUST Invoke Our Individual Rights - Now." This, like her Declaration of Independence, is written in a muscular and certain style, which I love. Over and over, I have asserted my rights as an individual in this blog and I have given the reasons why it should be critically important, especially for thinking people, that each of us do so. Gen uses a great many of the arguments I have made, but I really admire the way she has assembled so many thoughts about liberty and its needs in one essay. And her unequivocal willingness to be a leader of the Knights of Liberty against the Dark Side forces of statism is a delight.

Gen says, "America is a nation whose government is on the ascent and whose people, consequently, are on the descent." She also notes that government "pens its people up like chickens in a coop, waiting to feed at the welfare state's trough", rather than treating them like "the American eagle, flying proud and free."

She explains the Meaning of Our Individual Rights by elaborating on the following:
  1. Our Rights are Unalienable
  2. Our Rights are Rights to Take Action
  3. The Pursuit of One's Own Happiness is a Right
  4. The Majority Cannot Violate the Rights of the Individual
  5. There are No Rights of Groups
  6. Our Rights Include the Right to Property
  7. Our Rights Include the Right to Intellectual and Spiritual Independence
  8. Our Rights Rest on Reason
  9. Our Rights are Violated Only by Force
  10. Government's Sole Job is to Protect Individual Rights
In her discussion of each of these points, she uses some very interesting quotes from various of the Founders. She also points to Obama's statement, as I have done, that he simply does not believe in the U. S. Constitution since it stands opposed to the concept of "positive rights" under which some of us are obliged to serve others and government is to force us to do so.

Gen then lists "Six Strategies for Using Individual Rights in the Fight for Freedom." These are presented to spell the word "RIGHTS":
  1. R = Reason with Moral Principles, Not Just Practicality
  2. I = Invoke Private Solutions to Life's Problems
  3. G = Get Behind Capitalism
  4. H = Hammer the Government for Using Force Against Innocent Citizens
  5. T = Talk Straight and Unmask the Enemy's Evasions
  6. S = Stand as One People Against the State, Not as Pressure Groups Against One Another
I believe this blog has a very good record on each of these six points. If any reader believes otherwise, please let me know. In any case, I fully endorse Gen LaGreca's points and her advice for defending the rights of the individual. We think very much alike on these matters.

There are few champions among the Knights of Liberty it is more of an honor to go into battle with against the Dark Forces of statist tyranny than Gen LaGreca. She is most welcome at my side on the field of battle and she is proven trustworthy enough to cover my back in the blackest alley filled with brutal socialist thugs. Of course, I am most committed to covering her back as well. A man stands up for the few people he can admire and love without reservation.


cedrac said...

Once again I love it! That article on the new Declaration of Independence is great. I've sent that one to several close friends. Thanks again for the incredible information.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...


Yes, Gen LaGreca is great. Be sure to read her novel Noble Vision too! You will love it too.