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10 November 2013

We Hear So Much Less About Casulties in Afghanistan Under Obama's Command

I was reading a book review of  Betrayed, The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father by Mark Baisley and found this interesting bit of data:

During the seven years of war in the Bush Administration, 630 Americans died in Afghanistan and 2,638 were wounded in action. During the first four years of the Obama Administration, 1,544 Americans have died in Afghanistan and 15,036 have been wounded in action.
Perhaps there are some manpower issues involved in the different numbers and there are surely some differences in the Rules of Engagement, but remember how often and dramatically the count of dead Americans was played up in the media when Bush was the Commander-in-Chief?  Do we hear this drum beat so often and as loudly now?

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