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11 November 2013

ObamaCare Numbers Do Not Compute - Emoters Require No Computation

Originally, we were told that 47 million Americans did not have health insurance and ObamaCare was going to provide them with insurance.  I showed that about 10 million Americans had no need for health insurance since they or someone in their family were so wealthy that it was very reasonable for them to be self-insured.  Then there were about 12 million illegal aliens at the time.  So, the number of Americans who actually had some need for insurance and had none were about 25 million.  A short while before the roll-out of the catastrophic ObamaCare website for the federally operated state exchanges for 34 states, the government was claiming that ObamaCare was going to provide 30 million of those who did not have health insurance with it.  That 30 million figure, rather than the 50 million more recently bandied about as the number of uninsured Americans, has now been scaled back to a mere 7 million.

Yes, now ObamaCare will be a great success if it manages to sign up 7 million people by the end of March according to the same folks who originally told us that it was addressing the problem of 47 million uninsured Americans.  So, even if we buy this as the measure of success, ObamaCare must sign up this number between the end of November and the end of March.  The number signed up to date is trivial and will remain so until the problems with the website are fixed.  Some fools are saying that will happen by the end of November.  So, in the course of 121 days, the government says it can declare success if the 7 million are signed up.  To do that modest number it will have to have 57,850 people sign up each day.

But what about the 4.8 million people who have had their health insurance cancelled already by ObamaCare requirements?  Is it really a success if these people and the millions who are about to receive similar cancellation letters do not sign up for ObamaCare insurance on the exchanges?  Apparently the government would have us believe that they do not count.  It is noteworthy that Jay Carney says that fewer than 5% of Americans will have their health insurance cancelled.  Well, that is 15.6 million Americans.

What is more, Jay and the government are hiding the fact that many small group and large group insurance plans will be cancelled in 2014 as the ObamaCare extension of company provided plans starts to run down.  The government extended that deadline in order to delay the overwhelming numbers of cancellation notices that would have been added to those for people in the individual insurance market.  This is what allows them to tell us the lie that fewer than 5% of Americans will lose their health insurance.  Of course, but late 2014 it will be very clear that many times that number will be forced into the ObamaCare exchanges or be without health insurance.

A government study concluded that before the end of 2014, 9.2 to 15.4 million will lose their insurance in the individual market, 16.6 million will lose it in the small group market, and 102.7 million will lose it in the large group market.  This is a total of between 128.5 and 134.7 million who will lose their health insurance by the end of 2014.  So, 25 million originally uninsured and about 132 million newly uninsured Americans (a total of 157 million) will need to purchase insurance meeting ObamaCare mandates by the end of 2014.  This means that about 396,465 Americans will have to sign up for ObamaCare insurance each and every day on average between now and the end of 2014 if they are to be covered with health insurance as per the intent of this mandate.

One of the ObamaCare bureaucrats was recently telling Congress that only about 39,000 needed to sign up each day.  This does not compute.  Even by the end of March 2014 this would not be anywhere near 7 million Americans who had no insurance and offer nothing for those losing their insurance.   The government cannot even perform simple mathematical operations, so how can anyone imagine they can direct the entire critical medical services apparatus of the USA?  These numbers also make it obvious that no one ever supported ObamaCare who gave its claims a few moments of thought.  It was always purely justified on an emotional basis.

Of course my argument only has the power to convince rational people.  The supporters of ObamaCare are not rational.  They are emotional lovers of collectivism and many will support ObamaCare for its collectivist premise no matter how badly ObamaCare abuses Americans.  No matter how many Americans wind up uninsured and unable to seek medical attention thanks to ObamaCare, it will have many supporters.

But, those many supporters will not number so many as it has had to date.  Some people who emoted a different outcome for ObamaCare will fall away from it as it begins to actually hurt them and their families.  Until recently, this duplicitous Obama Regime effectively delayed all of these many harms into his second term and, with the illegal company mandate delay, it is further spreading out the harm to lower the shock to the many Americans who do not give life-threatening matters any thought.

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