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08 November 2013

4.8 Million Proofs that Obama is a Liar, an Uncaring Liar

"If you like your insurance now, you can keep it.  Period."  This was stated emphatically by Obama and many of his allies in the Democrat Party over and over.  The reality is dramatically different.  That it would be different was known when the disfigured law was fraudulently named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  That heinous law had to deprive most Americans of their health insurance plans so they could be forced to provide the subsidies needed to support those more ill and older.  This is why the law made any change in an insurance plan reason for not allowing the insured to keep that plan.  They were always to be forced to change to a plan that paid much more for many services they did not want.

As of now, 4.8 million Americans have had their insurance plan cancelled.  Others are being given new plans by the same insurer that provides them with many services they do not want at much higher premiums, with higher deductibles and co-pays than they had.  Most of the cancellations so far are in the individual insurance plan market, which is relatively small.  The bigger small business and large company market cancellations will be delayed because of the one-year delay in applying ObamaCare to the business-provided insurance plans.  The number of cancellations and massive cost increases will continue to the end of 2014.  The cancellations to date are just the tip of the iceberg.

By the end of 2014, there will be many times more proofs of Obama's lie than we have even now.  Some of these proofs will be less obvious, since many companies will pick up the added costs and people will not be shocked by cancellation letters.  However, when a company does pay the higher cost, this will mean that this is a part of an employee's remuneration and that employee will have less money to take home.  Other companies will not be willing to pay that cost and will simply drop the offer of company health insurance.  Millions of employees will have to find their replacement insurance under ObamaCare on their own.

The government itself estimated that 85% of the health insurance plans of the individual market would have to be changed under ObamaCare.  They estimated that 60% of small business plans would have to be replaced and that 40% of big business plans would be replaced.  Most insurers will offer a new plan at greater expense to their customers.   The estimate of the number of people thrown on their own to get insurance was estimated to be from 18 to 50 million Americans.  These were government estimates which the chief executive probably knew and surely should have known if he were competent.  Whether due to incompetence or dishonesty, the man is clearly uncaring.

Meanwhile, the ObamaCare claim that it would insure a larger fraction of Americans, is also a massive lie.  It is perfectly clear that many of the people who did not have health insurance before are not signing up for ObamaCare.  It is also clear that many times more individuals who have had their insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare have not signed up for ObamaCare compared to the fraction who have.  ObamaCare is running way, way behind on the claim it will increase the number of insured Americans.  Not only is it behind now, but there is no chance that it will catch up to even the number who only recently were insured.  There is no mechanism for that many sign-ups.  There will also not be any will on the part of many of the insurance losers to do so.  The fraction of uninsured Americans will increase because of ObamaCare.  How caring is that?

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