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02 February 2013

Obama's Job Destruction Plan Illustrated

We have long been seeing updates of the graph that Obama and his henchmen used to illustrate the effect of their jobs creation plan with comparison to the jobs recovery with no such plan.  The effect of his distributing huge sums of printed and borrowed money among his campaign contributors and such of his constituents as he expected had purchasable votes is clearly shown in this most recent update of that graph.  The actual unemployment (actually understated) through the recession is shown with the red dots and this far exceeds the anticipated unemployment rate if Obama did nothing.

Surely we should assume that the difference between the original projected unemployment rate and the actual unemployment rate is the result of Obama's policies.  In other words, instead of improving the jobs situation, those policies clearly worsened it during this Great Socialist Recession.  They worsened it far worse than this plot implies too, since the actual unemployment rate is really much higher than the stated rate as I have many times pointed out.  This is due to the many people who have given up hope of finding employment and stopped looking for it.  It is also due to the many people who have become comfortable on food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, and on Social Security disability payments under Obama's inducements to do so.

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