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28 February 2013

A brief comment on our federal government

In another forum, I made the following comment in response to a good comment on the Obama administration ignoring the Constitution, the Congress, the Courts, and general checks and balances.
The federal government sure has become a tyranny and become most illegitimate.  Americans need to be reminded that government loses its claim on legitimacy when it violates the sovereign rights of the individual to life, liberty, property, the ownership of one's own body, mind, and labor, and when it thwarts that individual's pursuit of happiness.  It was to prevent just this return to the usual condition of man as a suppressed servant of government that the Constitution gave the federal government so little power and tried to tie that limited power up in an inconvenient knot of checks and balances.
Unfortunately, the government has spent the last 125 years slowly untying the knots.  Each of the branches of the federal government have settled into patterns of behavior which maximize their power within a sphere of action while forfeiting their role as a check or balance to the other branches.  Then the check of state power has been dismantled by eliminating their appointments of Senators and by the unlimited bribing power of the federal government due to its control of the money printing presses.  That bribing power has been on rampant display on the issue of state exchanges for ObamaCare health insurance. It has also been used shamelessly to bribe the states to accede to federal controls on the K-12 education curriculum.  The federal curriculum controls are clearly designed to promote a bigger federal government.

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