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29 September 2012

Obama: Women, I will give you $18,000 of birth control to vote for me.

Obama is implying that ObamaCare will provide young women with $18,000 of birth control pills and since Romney wants to repeal ObamaCare, women should vote for him.  Here is the link to his Obama-Biden election site page with the bribe.

The government most certainly has no constitutional power authorizing it to be the supplier of birth control.  For it to do so also creates a clear freedom of conscience or freedom of religion violation.  Now, I have no objection at all to women using birth control, but this is not a cost that should be transferred to the general taxpayer.

It is also quite dishonest of Obama to imply that the value of this ObamaCare service is $18,000.  A woman on birth control from age 15 to age 50 would in many locales be able to procure generic birth control pills for as little as $9 a month.  Almost anywhere in the US the cost can be less than $20/month.  This makes the lifetime cost wind up in the range from $3,800 to $8,400.  To be sure, one can spend more like $90 a month on some of the newer types of birth control pills, but any effort on the part of ObamaCare to control costs would seem unlikely to provide that option to many women.  But, if you are going to offer a bribe for a vote, you might as well try to inflate its value.

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