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15 September 2012

Family Destruction by Zoning Law

Alexander Cohen of the Business Rights Center of the Atlas Society tells the story of a young man in Michigan who set up a business to support his sick mother and step-father.  He received the necessary permit for his street hot dog vender operation at the location he was to operate from only to have his business shutdown immediately because he was said to be in violation of a zoning law.  The zoning law was a crony protection scheme for restaurants in the zone which violates the right of the young man to earn a living and of the actual property owner who had allowed him the use of his land.  The result of the city shutting down his business is that both he and his mother are now homeless and his step-father cannot join them in a shelter because medication he needs is not allowed there.

Malevolent, rights-violating laws cause real harm to our fellow man.  Crony mercantilism is a serious problem.

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