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23 September 2012

Obama: I will go through the budget line by line

Do you recall when Obama said he would go through the budget line by line and cut wasteful programs?  Do we call this a failed promise?

On the one hand, perhaps he could not keep this promise because his Democrat Senate has never produced the budget they are required by law to produce.  Not one single budget in the entire Obama presidency has ever emerged from the Democrat Senate.

On the other hand, what kind of President cannot show even enough leadership to get the Senate well-controlled by his own party to produce a budget as required by law.  Recall that the President is supposed to execute the laws, which among other things means he should surely be putting unrelenting pressure on the Senate to produce a budget.  Besides, he should be eager to keep his promise to go through that budget line by line to eliminate wasteful spending.  But not this man.  He is more a celebrity than a leader.


Harry Dale Huffman said...

If one can safely categorize the insane, I would say Obama is specialized -- in fact, the Insane Left, of which he is the nominal head now, is suffering from over-specialization, which is just to say they depend, individually and collectively, upon Leftist dogma in every field of human thought. Obama is a "Community Organizer", for example, and he depends upon the dogmas fed to him by his "expert", but left-biased, advisors. He has no more business going through a federal budget line by line, than your average 5 year old has of going through the family budget line by line. Yes, he is a celebrity -- also known as a witless, childish tyrant.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Hi Harry,

The good news is that if he were to have a budget to go through and he were to eliminate programs as randomly as a chimp pointing at various lines, he would actually eliminate considerable waste and probably do little harm. Unfortunately, he would probably be more likely to only find those few useful programs and eliminate them. The one thing we can count on is his consistent wrongheadedness.

On individual rights, business, and the economy, I would characterize him more as clueless or wrongheaded, depending upon the issue, than as witless. He has wits, but they operate in another universe. Obama is perhaps actual evidence for string theory with its 10 to 50th power alternate universes, which I am otherwise disinclined to believe. But Obama must have come from one of them. Perhaps that is why he does not have a birth certificate or a Social Security number of his own.