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25 September 2010

Obama Justice Department Will Not Enforce Law with Racial Impartiality

Long ago, J. Christian Adams, left the Justice Department because his case to prosecute two New Black Panther Party members for voter intimidation in the 2010 elections was set aside by higher officials in the Obama administration Justice Department.  He has said over and over that this was because the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department will not enforce The Voter Rights Act in a racially neutral way.  They are only willing to prosecute white intimidators for interfering with the voting rights of black Americans.  According to the Obama Justice Department, white voters do not have an equal right to vote.  This last week, Christopher Coates, a senior attorney still with the Justice Department, testified that this was the case and added information on earlier cases against black intimidators the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department will not prosecute.  The Civil Rights Division is run and controlled by racists.  There is no other term for this.

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