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01 September 2010

Arizona Community Colleges Sued for Asking to See Green Cards

We hear that the Obama administration has been promoting more vigorous crackdowns on employers who hire illegal immigrants.  One might expect that employers would want to respond to that by checking on prospective employees more carefully before hiring them.  Now when I hire someone, I have to see and copy at least two forms of identification for each hire and register them with the New Hire Registry within 10 days of their first day of work.  In every case, my employees have provided a driver's license and a social security card, though other documents can be accepted.  Now, as we have all read, there is a large market supplying illegal immigrants with driver's licenses and social security cards.  It would seem logical that an employer, not being an expert in detecting counterfeit documents, might ask a non-citizen he might wish to employ for a green card.

Big mistake.  The Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix area are being sued by the Obama Justice Dept. for asking non-citizen hires to show their green cards.  The Justice Dept. says that requiring any document beyond those required of citizens is discriminatory.  The government is asking a judge of the Executive Office for Immigration Review in the Justice Dept. to order the Maricopa colleges to pay a civil penalty of $1,100 for each of 247 non-citizen job applicants who were required to provide additional documents.  The county taxpayers probably do not have anything more important to use their income for than to replace the lost $271,700 of education money in their community colleges during this government-induced and prolonged recession!

Government-induced recessions cause high unemployment rates.  The government believes that equality of outcome is the way to judge whether discrimination has occurred.  Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics report of 6 August 2010 for the unemployment rates in July tell us that the government-induced recession has caused 8.7% of white people to be unemployed and 16.6% of black Americans to be unemployed, the government is guilty of mass discrimination by putting so many more black Americans out of work than white Americans.   If black Americans had the same unemployment rate as white Americans, there would be 1,431,000 fewer unemployed black Americans.  Since putting someone out of a job is surely at least 100 times worse than asking them to provide a green card, the government should be fined about $110,000 per extra black American they have put out of a job.  This yields a total "fine" of $157.41 billion.  Now the only effective way to fine the government is to force it to reduce taxes.  So its penalty for discriminating against black Americans by inducing this recession should be a tax reduction of $157.41 billion.  There should be additional fines for the Latino unemployment excess and for all the business losses that have occurred as well!

But of course the government lives by a very different set of rules than it imposes on the People it rules.  You will not see the Justice Dept. suing the government for such a tax break due to its truly discriminatory practices, given its false definition of discrimination.  That very false idea of discrimination is also behind the absurd report to the United Nations Council on Human Rights that claims that a state of the United States, Arizona, is violating the human rights of Americans.  We the People are ruled by an absurd government, which with its many violations of our Constitution and our equal, sovereign individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has established itself as an illegitimate government, as defined in our Declaration of Independence.

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Jeffery Small said...

We're living in totally insane times.