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23 September 2010

A Medical Insurance Cost Increase

I have just received the renewal cost on the health insurance plan my materials analysis laboratory provides its employees.  The cost for individual coverage is going up 19.7%, which is at least twice the increase I usually see in it.  That more than doubled increase is due to ObamaCare mandates.

While the economy is no longer in recession by the official definition due to some growth in the GDP, large and medium sized companies are still hording their income and refusing to spend it.  There have been decreases in R&D and in quality control efforts as a result.  After a record year in 2008, my laboratory has seen a sizable drop in income in 2009 and so far in 2010 compared to 2008.  Meanwhile, our health insurance costs have continued to skyrocket.  Is it any wonder that companies are not hiring? 

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