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22 July 2010

Slavery Resurrection Plan by Democrat Congress

HR5741 requires every American between the ages of 18 and 42 to serve the federal government for two years as the President sees fit.  Uniformed armed services, Homeland Security, and civilian community service are covered.  Every American of the age range from 18 to 42 will be medically and mentally evaluated for suitability for service.  This measure is being pushed by Democrats, including Charles Rangel.

I find myself wondering if this is the means by which some Democrats wish to hold onto power in the face of the rising opposition to the socialist program of the Democrats, many of whom greatly admire the power of thugs such as Hugo Chavez and the Communist Party in China to get their way with the people by the simple expedient of using force to quell their individual rights.  Suppose the Tea Party movement actually succeeds in voting the socialists out of power, will they step down or will they declare a national emergency while calling the Tea Party enthusiasts racists and terrorists?  Will they call those enthusiasts to service and use military discipline to control them?  Will they use Democrat and socialist enthusiasts called to service to quell the demands of the Tea Party enthusiasts that the federal government obey the Constitution?  One has to wonder why voluntary service is not recognized as serving our rational national security interests very well.

Once again, there is good reason to wonder why some people wish to ignore the 13th Amendment of the Constitution outlawing slavery and involuntary servitude.  This is just another step of the sort that ObamaCare took in claiming implicitly that no individual owns his own body.  Our bodies have already been claimed by the federal government and now many in the ruling socialist cabal want to claim two years of our lives as theirs to dispose of.  Worse yet, Congress wants to assign that power to the President.  This bill must be defeated and the ObamaCare expropriation of our bodies must be repealed.  It will never make sense to say that each American has an equal and sovereign individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if we do not.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. One can make the argument that the military draft is involuntary servitude too for the reason that the government is forcing able-bodied men to fight wars against their freewill and individual rights. Therefore, any military draft is unconstitutional because it violates Amendment XIII.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Yes, which I have indeed done since the Vietnam War.

I would serve gladly to protect a legitimate U.S. government which protected the rights of the individual in a declared war for a valid reason of sufficient national interest. I served in Vietnam against my will because it was not a declared war and it was not sufficiently in our national interest to justify the level of effort and the use of a draft.

I would back a constitutional amendment to allow a draft if a legitimate Congress constitutionally declared war and the need was so dire that say 80% of Congressmen and Senators voted for it. Although, one might argue that if America ever lacked for volunteers in such a war, it perhaps did not deserve to survive. In any case, our recent governments clearly cannot be entrusted with a draft.