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01 February 2010

Antarctic Visitors Told to Clean Boots Due to Global Warming Stress

This one is just funny and pathetic.  The once highly respected (in some circles) UN IPCC AR4 report of 2007 claims that visitors to Antarctica must clean their boots to prevent contamination of the local environment because it is under stress due to global warming!  The reference given is about how to clean one's boots.  Now that is fine, but you would be expecting that the reference says something about the stress caused by global warming on Antarctica and how the boot cleaning relates to that.  It does not even mention global warming and Antarctica!

Clearly, the UN IPCC AR4 report was counting on the same thing that the Democrats in the U.S. Congress made a practice of counting on in 2009.  They created documents so long they figured no one would actually read them and in the case of the UN IPCC, check out the references.

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