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05 August 2008

Senator Opposes Drilling With Gas $10 at Pump

Senator Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader, Republican, Kentucky offered an amendment which would allow more drilling for oil. His amendment was rejected by Senator Ken Salazar, Democrat of Colorado. Mitch McConnell responded with a modified amendment which would be triggered on that date when gasoline at the pump reached $4.50/gal. Ken Salazar objected to the amendment to allow drilling. Back and forth it goes with Mitch offering new amendment versions at $5.00, at $7.50, and finally at $10.00/gal. as Ken objects to each attempt to allow oil drilling. The exchange is available here on YouTube.

Some Democrats actually want gasoline to cost $10.00/gal. It will satisfy their radical environmental desires to see mankind suffer an immobile life. Others will be happy to see the lights go out. Still others will be happy to stand by as people die from hypothermia in their homes. After all, people are the problem.


miss breeziness said...

You know, this is why I abandoned the left and the environmentalist movement.

Hey, have you ever seen the "Bullshit" series by Penn and Teller? Just today, I saw their new one about environmental guilt, Al Gore, etc. It was pretty good. Although they swear a bit much for my taste.

By the way, sorry about not writing much recently. I hope you've been fine.

Charles R. Anderson said...

Hi Miss Breeziness,

I have been fine, though work has been a bit pressing lately with two trips to North Carolina in July and a trip to Tulsa in early August. Then I took the time to post many pictures of the gathering of the Anderson clan for my Mom's 82nd birthday and for Kirsten and Kyle's Couples Party.

I did chance to see the Penn and Teller environmental guilt show, which was pretty good. If they had left out some of the swearing, they could have put in more factual content, which would have been good.