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29 August 2008

Dissecting DNC Speeches

A long discussion of Senator Joe Biden's speech before the Democratic National Convention precedes this post. In the television commentaries, the commentators only discussed the effect on the campaign of the speech and its effects upon other Democrats to fire them up. There was no careful evaluation of the listed policies of a new Democrat President. This must be done. These must be thought about carefully, not just viewed as "Oh, wouldn't it be nice if the US were energy independent in 10 years." Or, "Wouldn't it be nice if every family paid out less in healthcare costs." Or, "Wouldn't it be nice is we controlled the climate." These issues are too important not to analyze them rationally. We have to make an effort and think about them.

I intend to similarly analyze Barack Obama's acceptance speech, which includes a similar laundry list of imagined problems with imagined solutions. He is a great speaker, but his ideas are very weak.

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