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21 May 2008

Our New Farm Bill

Well, folks, Congress has done it to us again. Read about it in this short, but very informative, editorial, aptly titled "Pigs in the trough on Capitol Hill," on one of the latest injustices against the American people that the Congress has overwhelmingly endorsed. President Bush says he will veto it, but it appears clear that his veto will be overridden.

This bill will give $300 billion to farmers, some of whom do not themselves farm, even as the market prices of cotton, corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar, and other plant products have gone through the roof due to huge overseas demand increases and due to the ethanol subsidies and fuel mandates. This is a very overt effort to buy votes. It also is causing a world of hurt for the meat producers and those who buy meat. We might call this the Congressional mandate for American vegetarianism!

The editorial discusses crop insurance provisions, the increased subsidies for domestic sugar and restriction on sugar importation and the purchase of "excess sugar" for resale to ethanol refineries. Then it talks about some local special interest provisions and some provisions added without vote by either the Senate or the House by the House and Senate negotiators for further special interests such as a salmon fishery for California and another fuel subsidy for cellulosic ethanol.

I'm a meat eater. I propose that we eat the pigs in Congress by throwing out everyone of those who voted for this farm bill. Just for a start of course. I will propose that we do the same for a few additional idiotic bills between now and the election. If you follow my lead, we will have almost none of the old pigs in the trough in the House and about one-third fewer in the Senate after the 2008 election!

Oh, damn, I forgot how few people read this web log. Looks like the pigs will retain control of the Congressional trough and will probably actually increase their control. They live by the motto that "You can fool most of the people most of the time." and the people are happy to play their game. How sad. Especially so, because their false game is so transparent. I am embarrassed for my fellow Americans.

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