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22 May 2008

Democrats: Which Farm Bill Did We Pass?

The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, has just finished over-riding President Bush's veto of the wrongheaded and massive porky farm bill. But, it turns out that the bill sent to the President as the bill voted on by the House, was not the bill voted on by the House. A version of the farm bill not voted on was sent to the President by the Democratic House leadership. Perhaps this is to be fully expected of these foolish politicians, who do not bother to read the bills they vote on. They believe themselves capable of running all aspects of our lives from our health, our use of energy, our use of chemicals, our charities, our education, our hiring and firing, many of our professions and businesses, growing and marketing food, they manage and fund scientific research, and they label us polluters because we breathe out carbon dioxide, but can they do the fundamentals of their own job?

But then the provisions of the farm bill that they will have to go through the motions of passing again will also prove their incompetence. The incompetent Democrats voting to over-ride the President's veto numbered 216 and they were joined by 100 incompetent Republicans. They have plenty of incompetent colleagues in the Senate also. There, the incompetent Senators on their vote before the Presidential veto numbered 85.

There is some good news in this. It will take some time for the House to pass this bill again. This is likely to mean that some other mischief they had planned to do will be pushed off the calender. Too bad that they will find the time to pass a farm bill as bad as that vetoed by the President.

The report on the fiasco by the Washington Times is here.

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