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20 May 2008

David N. Mayer's Thoughts for Summer 2008

David N. Mayer, professor of law and history at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, is my personal favorite interpreter of the Constitution of the United States of America. He has written The Constitutional Thought of Thomas Jefferson (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1994, paperback 1995) [ link ]. He is presently writing a book on the Constitution and Constitutional law, which will assuredly be an incredibly important book when it is finished.

David has just published his "Thoughts for Summer 2008" on his web log. He discusses these topics:

  • Gas-Price Hysteria, Again
  • The Ethanol Boondoggle
  • Green Bullshit
  • Pick Your Poison! [on the quality of Presidential candidates]
  • The only acceptable candidate for President of the United States...
  • Multiple Obasms No More?
  • Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead! [yes, this is about Hillary in her lying, criminal glory!]
  • It's Not the Economy, Stupid! [its saddling business with more taxes and regulations]
  • More Supreme Nonsense? [concerns about the Supreme Court decision on our clear right to bear arms]
  • The Ever-Expanding Nanny State
  • The Criminalization of America [Victimless Crimes]
  • Pay Day for Politicians [payday loan suppression in Ohio]
  • Ohio Democrats' Dann Hypocrisy [scandal and allegations of abuse of power by Ohio's Attorney General]
  • Coleman's Folly: A Desire Named Streetcar [Columbus mayor Coleman wants a streetcar line]
  • Ben Stein, Where's Your I.D.?
  • The Real Adams Family
  • 25 Years of Risky Business [a favorite summer movie]
  • Summer Movie-ocrities: A Preview
David Mayer is a sound thinker, so you should find his thoughts interesting and intelligent.

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