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22 March 2013

Congresswoman Donna Edwards Replies

Periodically, I send my Congressional Representative or my two Senators notes expressing my abhorrence about something or other they are about to do to suppress the rights of the individual.  Usually, the response indicates no appreciation for my note in the form of acknowledging the legitimacy of my points.  But, most of the time, it at least broadly indicates something about what I was addressing.  Sometimes they respond as though I agreed with them, as all right-thinking Progressive Elitists, or Aristocrats, do in Maryland, where the Free State of old has long been a sad, poorly used skeleton.  They simply cannot conceive that a decently written note could come from someone who opposes the Nanny State and their Progressive Aristocracy dedication to the victims of a society that has made almost everyone rich and free by the low standards of most of the world.  Today, I received a particularly aggravating non-response from Congresswoman Donna Edwards.  My reply is given below:

Donna Edwards,

I contacted you last year when I was still in your gerrymandered district.  I am not sure about what and I cannot find a hint about what from your response.  Now I am in the most incredibly gerrymandered district of John Sarbanes.
Of course, neither of you are in the least interested in my one, dominant need for the freedom to exercise my equal, sovereign individual rights to life, liberty, property, the ownership of my own body, mind, and labor, and for the pursuit of my own personal happiness.  You are both enthusiastic supporters of tyrannical, rights-violating, and illegitimate government.  If you think your government is legitimate, re-read the Declaration of Independence.  You might also observe that the reason for a Constitution was for the People to mandate a government of highly limited and precisely enumerated powers which would operate as a legitimate government as defined by the Declaration of Independence.

I am a small business owner and operator who can no longer provide as many jobs as I could before the government-induced recession, from which my business is still suffering.  Thank you for the big government model of special interest controls which has brought about a total stagnation of the real per capita private sector portion of GDP.  It is so clever of you to understate inflation, which acts as a hidden tax on all of us Americans.  It is a neat trick to take any increase in GDP, even government spending on your favored special interests and campaign donors with dummy green energy companies, and attribute that to the health of the economy.  It is especially neat that we are not supposed to be aware of the fact that what matters is the size of the per capita private sector, hence a stagnant economy is one that grows in real value at the same rate as the population is growing.  The number of missing jobs has remained constant over the last 3 years (see  With the booming potential of our fossil fuel supplies and American innovative proficiency, it is a really amazing feat that big government has been able to totally stagnant our economy.  Industry-killing regulations, ever increasing taxes, and many unfunded mandated expenses imposed on the private sector are your stock-in-trade.

Finally, I will always remember that you voted for ObamaCare, really ObamaUncaringTax according to our crazy Supreme Court.  That unread bill is an attempt to steal the very ownership of my body from me.  It expects me to sign over my body by filling in an IRS tax form that acknowledges government ownership of my body.  I am supposed to bow and scrape and prove that I have submitted to the government directive on how I will maintain and support my body.  The draconian 5-year prison sentence you voted for, is supposed to cow me into slavery as a numbered body owned by the government.  Nothing about my individual nature is of interest to the government that aims to take control.  To be sure, you hope to simply steal money from me or that I will submit instead of revealing your tyranny so dramatically as to be hauled off to prison by tyrannical government thugs.  The theft of hard-earned income or the draconian prison sentence are supposed to prevent such public displays of principled stands for liberty.  As the Congress, President, and the Supreme Court have abandoned the Constitution and the concept of equal, inalienable individual rights, so are we the People supposed to abandon them.  I will not do so.
Perhaps that is why you are buying up so many assault weapons, as you call them, and so many rounds of ammunition for domestic government agencies.  American government has undergone quite an amazing transformation toward tyranny.

An American Dedicated to Liberty,

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D.
Lab: (410) 740-8562
Mobile: (301) 830-1886
Home: (301) 384-3253

1 comment:

Harry Dale Huffman said...

I agree. I submitted the following comment to the Bishop Hill site just a few days ago:

"Ordinary citizens don't understand how far beneath the respect of their 'leaders' they are, until they try to engage one of them directly, one on one, to correct the "leader's" thinking on any point that is important to said citizen. It is the same INSTITUTIONAL dismissal of 'outsiders' that has made peer review a totalitarian bulwark against scientific self-correction, for decades in some instances (like climate science) and for a century and a half in the worst case (undirected-evolution theory)."

I consider Obamacare as just a money scam, that would force me to pay rent on my body. I won't do that, either.