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07 March 2013

Betrayal: Republican House Votes to Fund ObamaCare Again

Once again the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has betrayed our individual right to own our own bodies.  They have again sold our bodies to the government for momentary power for themselves.  On a vote of 267 - 151, a continuing resolution to fund the government for the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year was passed.

Only 14 Republicans voted against this monstrously tyrannical act.  Many, many representatives who had pledged they would defund ObamaCare voted in favor of funding ObamaCare.  What is more, the 2010 Pledge to America to post bills up for a vote online for 72 hours was violated.  The efforts of 14 Republicans to defund or to at least keep funding from infringing upon religious freedoms was beaten down by the Republican Establishment.

This Establishment has been re-asserting itself so it can maintain control of the party in the face of efforts of the Tea Party and libertarians to make the Republican Party a true party of limited government and a defender of individual rights.  This heinous act of betrayal by the great mass of the Republican Party representation in Congress must not be forgotten or forgiven.  These unprincipled men must be replaced.

The only principled Republican Representatives were:

Justin Amash (Mich.)
Jim Bridenstine (Okla.)
Paul Broun, M.D. (Ga.)
Ron DeSantis (Fla.)
Scott DesJarlais, M.D. (Tenn.)
John J. Duncan Jr. (Tenn.)
Phil Gingrey, M.D. (Ga.)
Louie Gohmert (Tex.)
Jack Kingston (Ga.)
Tom McClintock (Calif.)
Thomas Massie (Ky.)
Bill Posey (Fla.)
Matt Salmon (Ariz.)
Steve Stockman (Tex.)

These men are heroes.

The rest of the Republicans are villains.  It was in their power to prevent the funding of ObamaUncaringTax during this critical period of its implementation.  Instead, they calculated that it was politically expedient to lay their hands upon our throats and strangle the last vestige of self-ownership until it is dead.

If we do not own our very bodies, are we not slaves?  Yes.

Is the power held by any slave-master ever legitimate?  No.


Harry Dale Huffman said...

Only 3 days ago I commented on Alan Caruba's "factsnotfantasy" site:

Republican congressmen, particularly in the House of Representatives where they are in the majority, must dedicate themselves to protecting the individual rights of Americans against the tyrannical intrusions of Obama and the Insane Left (my title for them). If this requires forcing Obama to try to rule by Executive Orders alone, to get what he wants, so be it (and they should impeach him if he does). And they need to protect me, personally, and those like me, because I cannot afford health insurance, on $670 a month Social Security, and I will not beg my state medicaid to pay for it for me--in other words, to make me compliant with an intrusive law that would require me to become a ward of the state in order to obey it. I advocate that everyone should simply refuse to obey patently unjust laws like that, and our representatives should legislate against this "President"'s executive orders, to pull their sting. (And why aren't they refusing to fund buying all that ammunition and tanks, for God's sake? Where is the common sense on the Right?)
Little did I know, my hope that the Republicans would protect our individual rights was already a lost cause. The United States is sliding down that final slope, on the backs of political hacks who have no idea of what is at stake.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Hi Harry,

Yes those huge ammunition and armored vehicle buys and the many studies they have commissioned that claim that those who believe in limited, constitutional government devoted to protecting individual rights are among the most likely terrorists are very good reasons to worry about this government with its tyrannical desire to rule the People in the name of those who claim to have higher values than ours. The Divine Right of Kings comes to mind with a slight variation to accommodate a slightly larger oligarchy than a king and his aristocrats.

The American Principle is great, but the people who live in the USA do not strongly enough believe in it any more. For this we can thank the government-run education system so heavily modeled after the Prussian socialist schools designed to provide obedient Prussians for the king.

Obama just happens to the first President who really, really wanted to step into the role of being the king. Previous Presidents recognized some limits to the role of President, but not Obama. Obama is the first pure socialist who has always disdained the Constitution and Individual Rights. Before him, every President had some vestige of respect for them, perhaps with the exception of FDR and Woodrow Wilson. Carter has no respect now, but he likely still did when he was President.