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08 November 2012

German Manufacturing Threatened by Green Energy Costs

German energy costs have been considerably increased by the kind of green energy policies that Obama is so eager to follow.  Meanwhile, at least the cost of natural gas, which is often used in manufacturing heating applications, has come down greatly in the U.S. thanks to horizontal drilling coupled with hydraulic fracturing.  Obama is dying to regulate at the federal level rather than the state level where it is now regulated. He wants to reduce our natural gas output by hydraulic fracturing.

The much higher German manufacturing costs of energy in energy-intensive industries compared to the U.S. is causing executives at such German companies as Bayer and BASF to worry that little such future investment in plants and facilities can be made in Germany.  Manufacturing expansion will have to be in the U.S.

But wait, Obama may yet rescue German manufacturing from our competitive edge as he pursues his program to make our energy costs skyrocket.  Heaven forbid we should take advantage of an energy resource to create jobs in the U.S.!

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