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06 March 2012

Another ObamaCare Joke, A Bigger Louisiana Purchase

ObamaCare, the infamously misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is a compendium of jokes upon the American People.  Of course, a bill so long that hardly any Congressman who voted for it had read it and which had been hastily assembled is bound to have many surprises in it.  One of these now turns out to be the fact that the 'Louisiana Purchase' that won Mary Landrieu's vote for it in the Senate and was supposed to have provided an additional $200 million to Louisiana for its Medicaid program, was actually written into the law as an additional $4.3 billion.  According to the law, Mary was to get 21.5 times the amount originally reported to the public.  The error is claimed to be a typo, but I am having a great difficulty in seeing the similarity of $200 million and $4.3 billion.  It is hard not to believe that sometime more nefarious was afoot here.

The Democrats clearly have a huge disrespect for the American People.  This law tells us we are incompetent to take care of our own health.  It tells us that our bodies and minds belong to the collective, whose control will be exercised by government central planners who have no need to know us as individuals, any more than the lawmakers had a responsibility to know what they were voting for.  The controlling central planners will be of the same set of people who drafted this incredibly wrongheaded and incompetent law behind closed doors in the first place.

The tragic jokes on the American People will just pour out month after month unless this tragic law is repealed.  It is far too big a mess to be fixed piece by piece.  It is not funded as advertised and the central linchpin for it provided by the individual mandate to purchase a government approved health insurance plan is clearly unconstitutional.  The already unsustainable Medicaid and Medicare edifice has been made still less stable by the addition of ObamaCare.  How ironic that Democrats pretend such an interest in the sustainability of energy use and the environment, but care so little about the sustainability of government and its most heavily funded programs.

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