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21 June 2010

Soros, the Podesta Brothers, BP, Petrobras, NBC, and GE

George Soros provided the money and the impetus to set up John Podesta as President of the Center for American Progress or CAP.  John Podesta used to be Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1998 to 2001.  He is now a Visiting Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center.  He also was co-head of the Obama transition team and helped to select many of the top officials in the Obama administration.  Years ago he set up a lobbying company with his brother Tony.  Tony and their lobbying company The Podesta Group work for BP and for NBC, which is owned by GE.

George Soros funded MoveOn.Org heavily to help elect Obama.  BP and its employees have contributed over $3.5 million to candidates for federal office over the last 20 years.  It gave Obama the largest single chunk of that money during his brief four years in the Senate and during his presidential campaign.  BP also spent $15.9 million just last year on lobbying.  Much of that lobbying money was handled by Tony Podesta.  BP is also tireless in advertising how green it is.  Another company tireless in advertising how green it is, is GE.  Its organ NBC is equally tireless in promoting the catastrophic man-made global warming alarmism and whatever the latest environmental disaster is supposed to be.  GE is the biggest beneficiary of the SmartGrid idea of the power grid, which was heavily funded with stimulus money.  BP was perhaps the beneficiary of an especially light-handed regulation by the federal government, which appears to have allowed it to take many shortcuts.

Soros is heavily invested in Petrobras of Brazil and Hess Oil of the U.S.  Back in August of 2009, Soros turned his common stock in Petrobras into preferred stock, which had a lower price and offered 10% more in dividends, just a couple of days before Obama pledged $2 billion of loan money to PetroBras, the national oil company of Brazil, which produces a healthy profit most years.  This Obama pledge boosted the value of Soros' stock.  Both Petrobras and Hess Oil are heavily involved in deep water drilling along with BP.  While the Obama administration early-on put restrictions on shallow water Gulf of Mexico oil drilling, it allowed the deep water drilling being done by the big players such as Hess and BP to proceed.  Hess is expected to be dependent upon deep water drilling in the Gulf for 22% of its new oil supplies, while BP is expected to depend on it for 21% of its new oil.  Soros is also heavily invested in Canadian oil, which is not affected by the general cut-backs on oil drilling leases made by Obama. 

The most recent halt to all deepwater oil drilling would have hurt Hess Oil, but this may explain why Obama was trying to get BP to pick up all the expenses of the other companies engaged in drilling who were affected by the moratorium on drilling.  Soros had also reduced his Hess holdings in the First Quarter by 16.1%, while he increased his Petrobras holdings by 17.7%.  This was the right thing to do given the then upcoming deep water drilling moratorium in the Gulf.  Drilling platforms are now moving out of the Gulf and many are going to Brazil to drill for Petrobras.  It is reasonable to believe that Soros had plenty of warning about the upcoming moratorium given his many deep-throated allies in the Obama administration.  Soros increased his holdings in Suncor Energy, the Canadian oil sands extractor and wind power plant company, by 22.4% in the First Quarter.  Suncor Energy likes to tout its interests in sustainable energy.  The federal government prevents any American competitors with its many oil sands development restrictions, heightened by its ownership of many of the best deposits.

Given the low ethical standards of this Obama administration, we had best keep a sharp eye on George Soros, BP, Hess Oil, GE, NBC, Petrobras, and all of the subsidized and mandate-benefiting "sustainable" and "alternative" energy companies.  They have all been pitiless in taking advantage of the American People.   Fortunately, Glenn Beck is also trying to focus attention on these nefarious actors.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a recent article for you which backs up what you are saying. Yes, Obama has an agenda ..redistribution of America's wealth and moving it abroad.
The one oil stock that may be worth buying
By Paul R. La Monica, editor at large June 14, 2010

NEW YORK ( — Brazil is one of the favorites to win the World Cup. It may also be an investor favorite in the hard hit oil sector.

While shares of BP continue to get crushed as the spill in the Gulf of Mexico gets worse by the day, Brazil’s Petrobras has stabilized in the past month.

The oil giant, which is controlled by the Brazilian government, is even considering selling a big chunk of stock in order to raise money to finance more drilling off the Brazilian coast.

Would that be offshore drilling? Would that be ‘deep water’ drilling, in which Petrobras leads the world?

According to a report in the Financial Times Monday, Petrobras (PBR) is seeking to raise $25 billion through a stock offering later this summer.

Apparently, the $811 million investment from Mr. Soros and the $10 billion (with a B) Mr. Obama has ‘lent’ Brazil is not enough to pay for Brazil’s ambitious offshore drilling plans.

The fact that Petrobras is apparently ready to sell more stock at a time when the energy sector is in turmoil is clearly a sign of confidence.

It sounds to us that, just like Mr. Obama, they believe in taking full advantage of every crisis.

According to figures from Thomson Reuters, if Petrobras succeeds in selling $25 billion in stock, it would be the second largest equity offering ever, trailing only a $36.8 billion sale of stock by Japanese telecom NTT in 1987.

And a sale of Petrobras stock in the coming months might still make sense and generate healthy demand. While most oil companies with deepwater drilling operations were hit hard immediately after the tragic explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, investors have appeared to be more discriminating in the past few weeks.

"The initial reaction was this is bad for all deepwater oil companies," said David Pursell, managing director with Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., a Houston-based investment bank focusing on the energy industry. "Now, if you have Gulf of Mexico exposure, your stock is still hurting. But if you don’t investors realize that your company could benefit."

As long as companies are prohibited from doing more exploratory drilling in the Gulf, that’s going to lead big oil firms to look elsewhere around the globe, Pursell said.

Who is going to stop non-American companies from drilling in the Gulf?

Brazil is a natural option given its ample resources, and Petrobras is pretty much the only game in town for an oil company looking for a domestic partner there.

"Petrobras could be a winner because capital could be directed from the Gulf toward Brazil," Pursell said. "If the six-month moratorium in the Gulf becomes 12 months, Brazil could ultimately utilize mote drilling assets. And Petrobras is the preferred partner." …

Not only is capital being directed away from the Gulf – at least any American operations – but the rigs and other equipment are going to migrate elsewhere — for years. So, by all means, invest in Brazil.

Mr. Obama and his master Mr. Soros thank you.

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President Obama was the top recipient of BP campaign money during the 2008 presidential election. Obama collected $71,000, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. The Obama campaign should return all of its BP money.

Shutting down the Gulf will send most of these rigs to Brazil to be used by Petrobras and benefit George Soros and Obama. American $$$ are being used to invest in Brazilian oil and and delays in efforts to skim off the oil in the Gulf are letting our environment and the wildlife suffer and our food supply die, causing destruction to our way of life and businesses and industries all along the shores of America. This is redistribution of wealth is it not?