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23 June 2009

Obama Lied

Obama claimed he was going to eliminate disease throughout the world and he would also eliminate poverty in his speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party. He was either an unbelievable megalomaniac, or he lied to us. He told many a group whatever they longed to hear. He somehow gave the message to Peggy the Freeloader that he would pay her mortgage and other expenses if only she voted for him. He told us all that his many grandiose spending plans would cost little money because he was going to find ways to make them cost little. But now that he occupies the presidency as a result of his many profligate promises, his spending programs are turning out to cost (surprise, surprise) a whale of a lot of taxpayer money. Whatever they cost, he claimed during the presidential campaign that only taxes on the rich, which eventually was claimed to be those making more than $250,000 per year, would go up. He promised everyone else that their taxes would not go up and would mostly go down. Obama is not worried about taxes anymore. He is leaving the worries about how to pay the bills to the Congress.

In particular, Senator Baucus (D - Montana) seems to be very active in proposing the new taxes which will pay for Obama's spending deluge. He is now saying that anyone making $100,000 per year will now see their taxes going up. This will really stimulate the economy in this recession big time! I suppose Obama will claim that he did not raise the taxes of those making more than $100,000 per year. No, Congress forced the tax raise.

But, we are not going to buy that nonsense, are we? Obama lied. Obama lied. Obama lied!!!!!! But then it was very clear to any thinking evaluator that he was doing just that. But, you can now fool most of the people most of the time, apparently because the public schools have dumbed them down a lot since Abraham Lincoln's day. And, it has also taught them never to be confrontational, so they will no longer even discuss politics. It is great to say you want the government to do good things for groups with fewer worldly goods and it is great to have it use brutal force to redistribute the goods, but it is bad manners to offer rational reasons why this is a bad concept of government. It is gauche to note that such a redistributionist government must be fascist and/or communist in some combination and that this is a clear violation of the wise limits on government put in place in our U. S. Constitution.

So, with the best of manners we steal from anyone productive enough to make more than $100,000 per year and we provide easy money for Peggy the Freeloader and for every special interest group Obama personally likes which cannot make it in the real world without subsidies and mandates, such as wind mill farmers, solar panel spreaders, labor union controlled car makers, very big financial companies, ethanol makers, highway construction companies, and inexpensive housing. Let's have no confrontations now. Be good and open your pockets for Obama and pickpockets.

Of course, those making less than $100,000 will pay more taxes also, but more indirectly so they will not notice. Besides, compared to other people throughout the world of our One World Government Leader, most Americans are wealthy. It is only right that he tax them so he can cure world hunger, disease, and poverty. Obama is increasing taxes on companies. The Dems are also likely to increase tobacco and soft drink taxes. The plan is the usual one of hitting us all with so many little or indirect taxes that we cannot keep track of them and do not notice them. Except, of course, we must notice them since taxes and the costs of regulation were already taking away 44% of the economy before Obama went on his lustfully crazy spending binge. But, we only notice that life is harder than it should be and still do not understand that it is because we are greatly overtaxed. Obama and our other politicians are masters at plucking the goose so that it does not squak too much.

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