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14 June 2009

Now 21 Obama Czars

Fox News had a rundown on the Obama Czars early this morning. They showed pictures of 21 Czars with their function. Did you know that in addition to the Compensation Czar, Car Czar, Climate Czar, and Cyber Czar, there is a Great Lakes Czar?

I suppose that we can now blame any bad weather on the Climate Czar and since he works for the Great Despot, we can also blame it on Obama. Today's thunderstorm, which knocked out power for 45,000 residents and crushed a home and two cars under falling trees was brought to you by the tyrants in charge of the climate! OK, I am sure the socialists will claim this is an unfair criticism, but after all, it is their megalomania that causes them to appoint 21 Czars.

And why do they appoint Czars? Mostly because the position and the powers of these Czars are not constrained by 233 years of American laws and agency rulings, and certainly are not constrained by our greatly ignored Constitution. The very term Czar should make any American's blood run cold. When the socialists can make these Czars fly, then there is nothing in their path capable of stopping them from developing a totalitarian government to manage our society from top to bottom and cradle to grave. In this scheme, the socialist elites are the adults and everyone else is a child. In this scheme, the children are being screwed (the bottoms) by the gloating dominant tops. Yes, it is as obscene as that.

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