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07 April 2009

Cost of Waxman-Markey House Cap-and-Trade Bill

The Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade energy bill in the House is more intrusive in restricting energy use and in raising energy costs than a plan whose costs were estimated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to be about $3,128 per household per year.

But the Dems promised us that 95% of the people would not have taxes raised. Ha! If you raise taxes on 5% of the people as Obama has promised he will, then much of that tax cost to the most dynamic workers in the marketplace will be passed on in higher costs for goods and services. We are also in effect taxed by increased government regulations and by mandates applied to resources. Any government action which results in a loss of productivity of any part of the population or by businesses, as well as any explicit taxes, costs us all. The cost can never be isolated upon just 5% of the individuals in America.

Unfortunately, this Democrat and Obama ploy did work well enough to give them huge power and to greatly diminish any practical checks upon their wrongheadedness, their corruption, and their lust for power. What were the American people thinking? Well, given how transparent the ploy was, it is clear that the American people were largely in on the effort to delude themselves. They averted their eyes willingly from what they saw and fogged their eyes over so they could hope for a new beginning. Of course, they were then given just one more huge dose of very tired socialist ideas, which are known to reduce men to intersocietal warfare and to produce a despairing poverty of wealth, security, and intellectual activity.

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