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04 April 2009

Congressional Climate and Energy Mischief Afoot

So, what else is new?

The mischievous bad guys Representatives Henry Waxman and Edward Markey have put together a 648-page American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 which will provide Congress and the Federal government a powerful death grip on the American economy in the guise of solving mythical catastrophic anthropogenic global warming and energy security problems. The revelation that the catastrophic AGW is based on bad science will not likely do much to decrease the desire of these powermongers for such control of every American individual's use of energy to provide the force multipliers that make us efficient and individually powerful. We are all to be cut down to size.

Of course, the route to maximum energy security is not to be addressed either. That is to allow companies to pursue the development of oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico, which Obama has denied them the right to do, and to develop ANWR and the many fields on the too extensive Federal lands of the American West. Energy security would allow the develpment of oil sands and tar fields in the West. And, it would allow the storage of nuclear fuel wastes in Yucca Mountain, which Obama has denied, and the building of many new nuclear power plants. It might even be served by building wind farms, solar power stations, and geothermal plants, but the environmentalists in control of the Democrat Party will never allow that. They merely serve as the answer given to how we are going to meet energy requirements without fossil fuels and nuclear power, but they vaporize as real solutions due to their high costs, undependable power generation, and because no one can get the necessary permits to actually build them anyway!

So, what does this Shoot-Yourself-in-the-Foot bill call for:
  • 25% of electric power must be renewable by 2025
  • Vehicle fuel standard increases
  • Smart electric grid development
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Cap-and-Trade energy permits
  • 83% reduction in energy use by 2050 compared to 2005
  • A new National Climate Service to payoff Global Warming Alarmist researchers no matter what the science actually is
  • Retraining of unemployed oil, gas, gas and oil pipeline, coal mining, railroad, trucking, and nuclear power industry workers to pick up dead birds at windmills, to wash the dust off solar panels, and spray perfume to hide the smell of hydrogen sulfide at geothermal plants
Congress cannot manage Social Security or the Medicare/Medicaid systems, so, naturally, we ought to keep letting them try their hand at managing everything else in the hopes that someday they will find something they can manage. As they say, "Hope springs eternal." With Congress this phrase takes on new meaning. Hope is eternal, infinite, and never in need of any rational justification! So, we give them farm subsidies, the auto industry, the banking and financial industries, ethanol, accounting, pollution, employee-employer relations, energy and power, safety, home-building and financing, and many other tasks which they are unable to manage. We never learn from the inescapable observation that they only know how to do one thing: Pull the wool over enough people's eyes to get re-elected over and over again.

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