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"The virtue involved in helping those one loves is not 'selflessness' or 'sacrifice', but integrity." Ayn Rand

18 January 2009

Obama Attacks Selfishness Again and Again

This guy is really committed to attacking people for being selfish. He attacks them if they use their own mind and work long, hard hours to create income and wealth by providing goods and services that other people want and voluntarily trade for. Frankly, to do so is to attack the mind and body of every individual human being. He believes it is perfectly righteous to threaten each of us with brutal force to deprive us of the value of the hours of our lives and to dictate to us what our values will be, or else, he will soon be able to send hordes of government-hired goons to forcefully take our property and take our income. All in the name of his supposition that if we do not allow this to happen, we are the damned selfish.

Well, I am selfish and proud that I am worthy of living a fine life. I am competent and fully able to manage my own life, while directing the thought and action needed to identify my values and to achieve them. I am proudly selfish and have a sovereign right to live for my values, not Obama's values and not for some amorphous goo of the values of those who voted for him. We have a choice: to be selfish or to be slaves.

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