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31 March 2008

Canadian Brain Tumor Treatment

If you are a Canadian living in Ontario (population 12.5 million) and you are suspected of possibly having a brain tumor, what does the Single-Payer Health Care System there provide for your diagnosis and treatment? It starts with a 3 month wait for an MRI to see if you have a tumor. Then if you do, you have another wait for surgery. The combined wait is often 8 months, which is much too long for some types of brain tumors. Presently, there is an alternative. You might go to Buffalo, NY, for instance, and get the complete treatment in less than one month. However, if Americans vote for a Single-Payer System, we will wind up with similar deadly delays in treatment and Canadians will have to die. Oh, yes and so will Americans, even those willing to pay for their medical costs. There is a video clip here on one Canadian gentleman's story.

I was directed to this video by Walter E. William's website.

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