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20 October 2022

Washington Post Opinion: America's Problem is Whites Back the Republican Party

How does the Extreme Left discredit the ideas of the Republican Party without once mentioning what those ideas are?

Perry Bacon Jr. in his opinion piece in the Sunday Washington Post of 16 October 2022 demonstrates the method.  He simply notes that the majority of so-called White Americans back a particular political party, namely the Republican Party.  One is supposed to see clearly that the Republican Party is awful.  All of its purposes and aims must clearly be evil and destructive of American democracy.  Yet, he never actually says that so-called White Americans are inherently evil.  All right-thinking people know that to be the case, of course.

If I were to point out that the majority of so-called Black Americans vote for the Democratic Party, I would not assume that anyone would conclude from that that the Democratic Party was dedicated to pursuing evil purposes.  Similarly, if I made a point that the majority of so-called Hispanic Americans, and so-called Asian Americans, and so-called Jewish Americans vote for the Democratic Party, it would not be enough for me or any rational person to conclude that the Democratic Party was evil.  No, to prove that it was evil, I would have to examine its ideas and aims.  But the Extremists of the Left only have to note that any party that the majority of White Americans back is evil, because as we all know, the majority of White Americans are themselves evil.

To be sure, Bacon does assert that the ideas of the Republican Party are anti-democratic.  He does not attempt to prove that or explain that.  Essentially, it is assumed anti-democratic because the majority of White Americans vote Republican.  That is enough.  If my reader has a shred of rationality, and he probably does, he recognizes Bacon to be a severely racist man, or whatever kind of person he identifies as.  Unfortunately, there are so many Bacons congregated in Democratic cities that they are very comfortable being group identity racists.  They commonly do not know anybody who is not a group identity racist.  White Republicans only exist as Deplorables in flyover country, as in-bred hillbillies in remote mountains and the South, or as people who failed to graduate from college.  

The Democratic Party was the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow laws and segregation (yes, you Joe Biden), the party of the original Klu Klux Klan and of its revival under Woodrow Wilson, and now the party dedicated to keeping Black Americans dependent on welfare, feeling like victims in perpetuity, and forced into government-run schools that do not educate.  More and more, American Blacks are beginning to wonder why they have given their allegiance to the Democratic Party since FDR, who was himself a segregationist.

Ibram Kendi wrote that "The remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination, the remedy for present discrimination is future discrimination."  Kendi is a dedicated Black "anti-racist."  The logic of that quote says those discriminated against in the past must foster discrimination against those past discriminators in the present.  Those discriminated against in the present must discriminate in the future against those who discriminated against them in the present.  So, the cycle would presumably be American Blacks were discriminated against in the past, American Whites are discriminated against in the present, and American Blacks will be discriminated against in the future.  This cycle of irrational group identity discrimination must continue as long as skin color differs among men.

This is crazy.  The remedy for harmful discrimination is to end group identity racism in the present.  Individuals should be evaluated and judged on the basis of their ability and their character.  People of merit come in all shades of skin color.

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