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27 June 2020

The Otherworldly Mind of Poor, Lost Joe Biden and Implications for Black Americans

This is a satire with a mix of the facts as Joe Biden sees things and real world facts.  Be intelligent enough to take it as such.  I have observed far too much emotion unguided by reason of late.

Joe Biden, the Democrat who would be President, has said that 150 million Americans have died by gun violence.  More recently, he said that 120 million Americans have died from the "novel coronavirus", to use the flimsy name for the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus preferred by the Democrats and other socialists.

In 2017, 52% of homicide victims were black.  The percentage of the American population who are black is 13.4% and the American population is thought to be 329 million by normal people, though it is clearly much less in Joe Biden's world of mass deaths.  Doing the math, normal people would conclude there are 44 million black Americans.

If 52% of homicide victims are black and Biden's 150 million deaths by gun violence is true, then 78 million black Americans died by gun violence or by equally violent means.  Oddly enough, 88% of their killers were other blacks, so Joe must think that of the 78 million black Americans he thinks were killed by gun violence, nearly 69 million were killed by other blacks.  The Democrats' response to this unbelievable black self-extermination is to defund the police.  The Democrats' agenda does not include the preservation of black lives.

The man who would be President, says 120 million Americans have died of the coronavirus.  He and his socialist party have complained that black Americans are dying from the coronavirus in disproportionate numbers.  Black Americans are dying from the virus at rates several times that of white Americans, though the data on black deaths from this cause is not at all complete.  Nonetheless, it is likely not far from the case that about half of all coronavirus deaths are those of black Americans.  Then using the deaths due to coronavirus according to the man who would be President, Joe Biden, about 60 million black Americans have died from this virus.

The man who would be president and the socialist party that so lusts for power to rule the American people that they have in desperation put forth Biden as their knight in tarnished armor, apparently think that 78 million black Americans died from gun violence and another 60 million died from the "novel coronavirus", for a total of 138 million black American deaths.  Without an overwhelming percentage of the black vote, Joe Biden cannot ascend to the presidency, so he must be extremely worried about the upcoming 2020 presidential election.  According to Joe, from his bunker in his basement, there are no longer any black Americans left to vote for him.  In Joe's otherworldly mind, all 138 million out of 44 million black Americans have recently died from either gun violence or the "novel coronavirus."

Fortunately, Joe and his basement bunker, appear to be in another dimension and not in that of normal people.  As bad as gun violence is among black Americans and as bad as the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus has been for the health of black Americans, there are still many millions of black Americans ready to vote for poor Joe.  Despite the fact that Democrats insist on the poorest public education for black communities, despite their refusal to provide adequate police protection in those communities, and despite the anti-business policies of Democrats which suppress jobs in the communities they rule, millions of black Americans will vote for Joe, the one-time segregationist, the present searcher for his lost marbles, and the future numb-minded pawn of the socialists.  If American blacks placed a high value on their own lives, they certainly would not vote for poor, lost Joe and his Democrat socialist handlers.

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Merjet said...

The 150 million Biden stated was since 2007. The correct number is around 440,000. About 63% are suicides.