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05 April 2017

Susan Rice -- "I leaked nothing to nobody."

OK, Susan, so you leaked nothing to nobody.  But did you leak something to somebody?  Or did you simply put the private, sensitive information on Americans into the hands of so many people that you could be sure that someone would leak that sensitive information?  Was the reason for doing this to put the information into the hands of so many people that any leak that did occur would be harder to trace back to a particular person, thereby further encouraging partisan, political leakers?  Would you risk such an action without the approval of Obama?

Why do you remember unmasking this information about Americans now when you claimed to know nothing about such information one month ago?

It was just a riot caused spontaneously by an Internet video unfriendly to Islam by a crazy Middle Eastern Christian, right?  Its your story and you are sticking to it no matter how heavily armed the Benghazi attackers were.

Bowe Bergdahl was a hero?  Oh, really?

The only reason national security would be put in the hands of such a wrongheaded, low-character person is because the man at the top wanted a perfectly pliable, unethical political henchman, No, henchperson.

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