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30 March 2016

Global Warming Controls Pointlessly Hurt the Poor Most

I am going to summarize the key points of a Daily Caller article entitled "How the Poor Bear The Brunt of Europe's Obsession with Global Warming" by Andrew Follett.

The important points are:
  • From 2005 to 2014, the cost of residential electricity in Europe increased by 63%, compared to a smaller increase of 32% in the USA, which was itself driven upward by Global Warming Policies.
  • The poor in Europe are hurt by their global warming policies about 1.4 to 4 times as much as the rich are.
  • Britains paid 54% more than Americans for electricity in 2014.  7% of their electricity bill is charges for subsidies for green energy.
  • 38% of Brits have to cut back on the purchase of essentials thanks to their high electric bills.
  • This is pointless suffering since catastrophic man-made global warming is a false hypothesis and because the 2005-2014 European reduction of 0.6 billion tons per year of CO2 emissions was swamped by the increases of just four nations, China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil, whose increase in emissions was 4.7 billion tons per year in that period.
Another critical aspect of the European policy of expensive electricity costs is discussed here.  The important points are:
  • About 10% of Europeans live in energy poverty.
  • 7 million German households are in energy poverty.
  • Millions of Europeans had their electricity shut off resulting in 40,000 deaths this winter.
This is a terrible price being paid in the name of bad science.  Those who insist on the bad science and the political barriers to inexpensive and reliable fossil fuels are performing very evil acts.  So many of those who are most vociferous in claiming a scientific consensus for catastrophic man-made global warming also claim to be champions of the poor.  Apparently, they need to make many more people poor so they will have more justification for their subsidies for the poor and claims for the need for income equality!

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