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31 October 2015

Obama NOAA Refused to Provide Research Documents to House Science Committee

Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Science Committee subpoenaed NOAA for research documents related to their adjustments of the temperature record.  These adjustments were recently used to remove all evidence of the pause in surface temperatures from 1998 to 2013 and replace that pause with a temperature surge.  NOAA refused to hand the documents on the adjustments over, in direct violation of law. Smith's committee wants to know why.

According to Rep. Smith: 
The American people have every right to be suspicious when NOAA alters data to get the politically correct results they want and then refuses to reveal how those decisions were made.
As a recent editorial in Investors Business Daily says:
Taxpayers pay for this research, which is being used to justify massive new federal spending and regulation. They deserve to know what NOAA and other federal agencies are doing — and whether they're being honest or serving an unspoken extreme political agenda.
Indeed, it is way past time that the Obama administration should be stopped from exaggerating claims of catastrophic man-made global warming simply by manipulating the data to systematically lower past temperatures and to raise recent temperatures.  NOAA and NASA GISS have both long been engaged in this fraud and have not been held responsible for their corruption of science and their lawless activities.  These activities have then fed the data mill that the Obama EPA has used to claim that CO2 is a terrible pollutant.  It is no such thing.  It is in fact absolutely necessary for life on Earth by virtue of the need of plants for it and our need of plants.  It is the use of CO2 by plants that produces the oxygen in the atmosphere that animals, including man, require.  Yet the Obama EPA has the gall to call this life-essential molecule a pollutant based on the fudging of data by NOAA and NASA GISS!

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Anonymous said...

While important that NOAA is fiddling the numbers, it is a distraction. The real question why is NOAA ignoring the results of the ARGO ocean energy measurements. 0.42 watts is 'proof' that there is no serious global warming. They along with nearly all scientists have said right up until the data was processed that 'oceans acquiring 93% of energy increase or decrease is the best indicator of the integral of all climate variables collected and averaged together. Why is NOAA and by default, the UN IPCC not even commenting on this huge departure from the global warming meme? It is like they are afraid even to start a discussion of the measurement accuracy for fear of drawing attention to it. Even if the accuracy was +- 100% it is still definitive that there was no significant warming between 2005-12. see Levitus et al.