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28 April 2015

Is the Clinton Foundation a Charity?

It is widely being said that the Clinton Foundation gives only about 15% of its income to charity, with the rest going to administrative costs. The truth is actually worse than the unbelievably low 15% pass-through rate. Out of $140 million of donations, the Clinton Foundation has only delivered about $9 million to direct charity work. That is 6.4% or only 43% of the widely stated 15% pass-through rate. It is usually held that a decent charity foundation has a pass-through rate of at least 75%. To be sure, one may make charitable donations to a think tank, where one expects most of the money to go to organization employee salaries, office expenses, and travel to meetings. But, the Clinton Foundation claims to be a charity devoted to women's rights, environmentalism, and mitigating harm caused by catastrophic man-made global warming.

The Clinton Foundation has large contributors from Ukraine, Russia, Saudia Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries. In view of the following observations, why are wealthy people from these countries giving money to the Clinton Foundation?
  • These countries are not very keen on women's rights, environmentalism, or catastrophic man-made global warming.
  • There is so much need for charity in work within these countries that they ought to donate their money locally.
  • Large donors do their homework to find out what the charity pass-through rate is. If they are really interested in doing charity work, they will not accept a 6.4% pass-through rate to actual charitable aid.
So how else can one provide a motive for the large contributions to the Clinton Foundation coming from nations such as Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern nations? It is very clear that the donations were motivated by a desire to influence Hillary Clinton's decisions as Secretary of State and perhaps after she might become President. Given this clear motivation, Hillary Clinton had to know she had a very serious conflict of interest problem. Yet, the Foundation took the money and hid the fact that it was being given to the Foundation for such purposes.

Then Hillary compounded the bad perception by actually approving the take-over of a company that provides 20% of the U.S. uranium needs by Russian interests with close ties to Putin.  Our extensive aid to Ukraine is now subject to being questioned as the result of bribes, rather than as a result of our national interest as well.  I expect we will learn about many other questionable decisions now that this Clinton Foundation is in the spotlight.

Any rational individual will be greatly influenced by the past history of immorality exhibited by the Clintons in assessing the likelihood that they were actually influenced by these bribes to make decisions that might be contrary to the national interest of the United States.

1 comment:

ZZMike said...

It's obvious to anybody who looks into it that the Clinton Foundation is there to benefit the Clintons. Any other charity with similar "administrative" costs would come under almost instant scrutiny.

We also might ask how interested are Ukranian, Saudi, Russian, &c donors in "global health, opportunities for women and girls, childhood obesity, ...." [taken from their site.

They coyly claim that "Everywhere we go, we're trying to work ourselves out of a job."

Being able to say something like that is one of the hallmarks of a true Progressive.

Given all that, it's still the case that if you ask the Average Man on the Street who any of the GOP candidates are, you'll probably get a blank stare, or at least a bit of hard thinking. Ask who the Democratic candidates are, and you'll get an instant response. I also believe that Democratic voters vote on name recognition alone, regardless of the candidate's character. Fr example, Bill Clinton, 1996.