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14 March 2015

An Update on the Temperature Record Fudging Scandal

James Rust, a retired professor of nuclear engineering and now a Heartland Institute adviser, has written a good summary of the Earth surface temperature record fudging scandal.  NOAA (USHCN) and NASA GISS in the USA and the University of East Anglia with the MET office (Hadcrut) in the United Kingdom have basically adjusted earlier temperature records downward and increased the more recently measured temperatures despite increased urban heat island effects systematically to support the catastrophic man-made global warming hypothesis.  Yet, even with these unjustified temperature record adjustments, there has been no increase in temperatures since 1998 even as the computer models for the climate have predicted major temperature increases based on a continued rise in atmospheric CO2 concentrations.  What is more, the adjusted surface temperature record over the satellite monitored lower troposphere temperature record period do not now agree well at all and the satellite record is clearly more reliable.

As the ClimateGate e-mails clearly revealed, there is a conspiracy to destroy the science of the climate with fraudulent data and fraudulent and vague theories in order to support a grab by governments for evermore political power.  Scientists with the integrity to oppose this destruction of science and its reputation are being brutally hunted down and subjected to character assassination and career destruction.

Those politicians who are opposing the catastrophic man-made global warming alarmist fraud are being opposed with great vigor by those political organizations seeking to impose draconian restrictions on the use of fossil fuels as well.  Obama's Organizing for Action non-profit and community organizing project has named the politicians it is most interested in going after because they are skeptical of catastrophic man-made global warming.

Obama's Climate Action Plan is given here.

The European Union is backing a plan that calls for a 60% reduction in "greenhouse gas" emissions compared to 2010 by the year 2050 throughout the world.  One of the many absurd results of this policy is that even if the developed nations reduced their emissions to zero, developing nations would have to reduce their emissions 38% below current levels!  The alarmists are completely divorced from all aspects of reality, both scientifically and economically.  If the developing nations are to have any chance of improving their standard of living, it will have to depend upon an increased use of fossil fuels.

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Harry Dale Huffman said...

"The alarmists are completely divorced from all aspects of reality..."

Their incompetence is breathtaking. See my 2012 post, "U.S. Temperatures Have Been Falsely Adjusted According to the Level of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere", which shows those adjustments to be blatant fraud, and thus blatantly stupid. (Yet even this small, but definitive, demonstration by me has been ignored by even the "skeptics", so far as I have been able to see -- so the stupidity is nearly universal, on both sides of the debate/war. This is indicative of a general condition I have tried for years to warn everyone about--of dogmatic divisions, selfish disrespect, and incompetence--on the part of all. In short, there is a general testing of mankind going on now, designed to show how our various divisive dogmas--our unquestioned beliefs--are bringing us to the point of self-destruction, in many ways at once.)