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10 March 2014

ObamaCare - The Law of the Land Made Lawless

The Democrats of the Democrat Socialist Party have repeatedly claimed that the PPACA or ObamaCare is the Law of the Land and must be respected.  Yet, Obama has made many exemptions from the law's requirements for unions and favored businesses and has made 18 major changes in the law, mostly by delaying its provisions, without the congressional action required by the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land. 

Of course, I think that ObamaCare is clearly unconstitutional, since the government was given no power to own our bodies and minds and hence has no power to determine the means of maintaining our bodies and minds.  Any attempt by government to take over this critical life function of the individual is a fundamental violation of individual rights.

But if we ignore that paramount fact, then the many unlawful changes in ObamaCare made by Obama have clearly deprived it of any pretense of being The Law of the Land, unless Congress and the Courts become adamant in defending the law as voted on by Congress and originally signed into law by Obama.  The law is already highly blemished, indeed highly rotten, by virtue of the many provisions already violated by Obama.  Those violations of the law by Obama have not yet been opposed by Congress, making Congress complicit in this lawlessness.

The fact that this law is maintained in an ever changing form against the wishes of most of the People is a red flag slapping us in the face and shouting that this is not a democracy, however often the Democrats proclaim it to be so.  This is a clear indicator that special interests and not the People control the government.

The fact that the Democrat Socialist Party is now in such terror of the next election is a very clear result of the extremely harmful effects of ObamaCare.  The very high premium costs in most states, the high deductibles and co-pays, the poor doctor and hospital choices, the many drugs and medical services no longer covered, the severe disruptions brought to the entire medical care, medical insurance, and medical insurance policy holders, and the financial risks of entering the system negligently deprived of security guards for one's personal information, all scream that the law is highly inimical to our welfare.  The law has failed to induce the uninsured to sign-up for ObamaCare as well.  So, it is both unaffordable and unwanted.  So far, only about 10% of the uninsured have become insured and fewer of the previously insured who lost their insurance because of ObamaCare have signed on to ObamaCare.  While some uninsured with serious medical conditions have now signed on to ObamaCare, others with serious medical conditions who previously had coverage and then lost it thanks to ObamaCare are now either without insurance or have a less desirable insurance coverage.

The results of ObamaCare are so bad that it is pretty much impossible to buy into the idea that the Democrat Socialist Party ever thought that this law was consistent with the Welfare of the People.  Or if they did think so, then the Progressive Elitist claim to rule due to superior intelligence, education, and moral fiber is ridiculous.

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