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08 July 2013

United Nations Does Not Take Global Warming Seriously

The United Nations IPCC has issued four reports claiming that mankind faces a catastrophe due to man-made global warming from CO2 emissions.  Five years ago, Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. Secretary General, issued a mandate to U. N. organizations to develop plans to reduce their carbon footprints.  To date, only 10 of the 49 U.N. organizations, employing 220,000 people, have management-approved carbon reduction plans in-place.  As Donna Laframboise points out, this is proof the United Nations does not take the UN IPCC man-made global warming catastrophe claim seriously. 

Unfortunately, the UN IPCC Report 4 is nonetheless the authority cited by the USA EPA as the justification for declaring CO2 a pollutant subject to the anti-air pollution regulations it issues.  The EPA is acting without the approval of Congress on this matter, so it is also putting the UN ahead of our own elected representatives.  How odd it is that the UN is enthusiastic about the power it will acquire as the monitoring organization for energy use, but not equally enthusiastic about reducing its own CO2 emissions.  Or is it odd?  It would be odd only if the UN were nominally a rational organization which was actually concerned with acting morally.

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