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08 June 2013

Obama Transparency Requires the Elimination of Inspector Generals

When one is busy maintaining the con game that your administration is the most transparent administration in history, it is really awkward having inspector generals pointing out the shortcomings of your agencies.  The Obama administration being the most thoroughly corrupt administration in my lifetime and probably forever since the measure of corruption is both a function of the degree of corruption and the scale of that which is corrupt.  The government has never before been as big and it wields an increasing amount of power simply by decree of the Executive Branch.  The Obama administration has maximized both the scale of the power wielded and the degree of its corruption.

In this light, it is very interesting that according to a Wall St. Journal article by Joseph Schmitz entitled Obama's Inspector General Negligence, Obama has failed to nominate Inspector General candidates for the State, Interior, Labor, Defense, and Homeland Security departments for approval by the Senate.  He is also supposed to provide a nominee for the Agency for International Development.  The missing Inspector Generals have been missing for between 18 months and 5 years.  The State Department IG office has been occupied by a retired career State Dept. employee for the entire Obama presidency as a fill-in.  By law, he cannot hold the actual office permanently due to potential conflict of interest with the friendships and even the viewpoint of a career member of that organization.

These missing inspector generals are a boon to those who wish to operate our government corruptly.  One of the nuisances such people face are the moral whistleblowers.  It is always a very dangerous task to tell the truth in any large organization that is hit by scandal.  Such organizations are usually intent on covering up the scandal.  So, one of the important duties of a fully empowered and Senate-approved IG is to protect whistleblowers.  It is not surprising that each of the three Benghazi whistleblowers has reported reprisals for their role in testifying before Congress.  It also is not surprising that there are few who are willing to step forward and tell the truth.

While the general pattern of corruption in the Obama administration is all too clear, those who persist in claiming that the corruption is not tied to Obama and his cabal of close advisers should be telling us why he has had so little interest in doing his job as required by the Inspector Generals Act of 1978.  Is he just that incompetent that he cannot get the job done?  Or does he just prefer to learn about scandals for the first time from the mostly friendly, immoral press, rather than from a possibly objective and all-too-moral Inspector General?


Alan Siddons said...

Mark Twain’s quip, “No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session,” is no longer just a joke.

To my mind, Charles, corruption and (so-called) liberalism HAVE to go together. Liberals fancy that they’ve got something new to offer the world, yet in fact their policies boil down to the same old historical pattern: the confiscation of private property by a powerful elite. That they believe they’re doing GOOD by subverting the very basis of a civil society — a respect for property acquired by peaceful consent — is merely the first warning sign of the inevitable corruption to come. Since so-called liberalism has no conception even of common decency, in other words, how can anyone expect it to be ethical?

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

We could not agree more on this Alan. Thanks for your comment.

Vito Libre said...

I am constantly amazed at how planned it all seems. The Progressive movement has been in "planning stage" for 100 years, and they are the only group in America that has been guided by a structured and principled Philosophy, so I shouldn't be surprised. But, it is still amazing to me. I've been thinking - Why Biden as VP? Really... why? He had ZERO positives. He was ALWAYS the gaffer. Could they have foreseen the possibility of Impeachment and understood that if the consequences of Impeachment were bad enough (Biden as POTUS) no one would pursue it? I wish we could get so organized.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

It is certainly true that the left has long had foundations, think tanks, and most university faculties and administrators concentrating on ways to increase the size of government and the controls on the American People. They have concentrated their efforts on some of the key institutions of our once private sector, namely education, finances and banking, and medical care. They now have almost complete control of these critical institutions. We must free them.