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01 January 2013

Social Security Blahs

On the verge of the new year, 2013, let us consider some of the gloom due to the government Social Security Ponzi Scheme to be faced eventually in our future:
  •  2012 deficit of SS was $48 billion, which was added to the national debt.
  • SS beneficiaries hit new record of 56,758,185 people.
  • People collecting disability payments hit new record of 8,827,795.
  • 112.5 million full time workers in 2011 to support those on SS.  Only 94.7 million full time workers were in the private sector.
  • 1.67 full time private sector workers support each SS recipient.
  • 1.27 full time private sector workers support each SS recipient or full time government worker.
  • 2012 is the third straight year that SS has spent more money than it received in tax receipts.
  • Baby Boomers have barely begun to retire.
  • The National Debt is now $16.42 trillion, in excess of the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling and the National GDP of 2012 estimate of $15.9 trillion.
  • Politicians are almost universally happy to pretend there is no problem, as are the voters.
Have a happy 2013 in some Galt's Gulch of your own making, while the nation whistles its way merrily to self-immolation.  The nation is drunk, not just tonight, but everyday.  As long as the con man Obama and his henchmen entertain them with being conned, they are happy drunks, jobless or not.

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JohnJEnright said...

"Baby Boomers have barely begun to retire." True, and, amazingly, this one slips by a lot of bright young people who don't grasp that SO FAR the boomers are still supporting the scheme.