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06 June 2012

President, VP and Their Wives Absolutely Dependent on Government

Joe Biden claims that he and the President would have had no chance but for government assistance.  The same was true for their wives, each of whom is smarter than her husband, according to Joe.  He may be right about that one.

Government assistance is not for the poor or the handicapped alone in this new Democrat Socialist dogma.  It is not for only badly abused minorities.  No, it is for the entire middle class as well.  Indeed, the myth they are trying to establish is that it is for everyone, except the 1%ers.  Of course they wish us not to notice that the middle class is paying a big price in unemployment and a loss of improvement in our standard of living.  They want us to fail to notice that a good fraction of the 1%ers have been the beneficiaries of crony mercantilism as well.

Go see Biden and his comments that everyone is a dependent on government here.  What could promote big government better than propagating the belief that we are all helped by government?  As a small business owner and a forever freedom-loving American, it sure is obvious to me that Biden and Obama have mighty mushy brains.  Who in their right minds chooses dependency to a government over the self-management of one's own life?  Why can they not see that dependency is slavery?

Wait?  Are not Joe and Bar-ick (the phonetic pronunciation according to Barack Sr.) 1%ers?  Well of course they are.  Apparently, government made them 1%ers in its great wisdom.

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