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02 May 2012

The Luddite-Statist Attacks on Amazon by Gen LaGreca

Gen LaGreca is one of my favorite writers and is the author of Noble Vision, which I reviewed here.  She has just posted an important article on mounting attacks on self-publishing, e-books, and Amazon.  The attackers are calling for government limitations on our personal choices in the markets.

Self-publishing with marketing and distribution via the Internet has opened the door to markets for much larger numbers of authors than ever before. Books can be purchased for far less, authors and readers are freed of the tastes of a few publishing houses, smaller markets can be addressed, and many more ideas can be expressed and vie for attention on the Internet.  This has been a boon for independent-minded people and those with highly complex and differentiated individual interests and pleasures.  Self-publishing, e-books, and Amazon are great for individuals who love freedom and the rich choices our private sector make available to us when we keep the government from interfering with it.

Please read Gen LaGreca's article.  I always love the way she thinks and writes.

George Reisman's Blog on Economics, Politics, Society, and Culture: The Luddite-Statist Attacks on Amazon by Gen LaGreca

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