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23 April 2012

Obama Helps One Industry Grow

Yes, there is one industry that Obama has helped to grow.  Of course, given his strongly anti-business ideology, this is unexpected.  How could any industry escape his effort to damage commerce and business in America?  Well, it is precisely because he wants to harm this industry, but has not yet had the political power to do so, that this industry is growing quite significantly.  Many fear Obama will interfere with the sales of this industry if he is re-elected.  The industry in question is the gun industry.  Many in that industry say Obama should be named "Gun Salesman of the Year."

Sales of guns were up from $19 billion in 2008 to $31 billion in 2011.  This is a 63% increase.  Jobs in the industry are up 30%.  Federal taxes paid by the industry are up 66% in that 3 year period to $2.5 billion.  How cool it is that an industry can actually thrive on Obama's ire!

Actually, this industry is seeing a renewal of constitutional protection of Second Amendment rights to own a firearm.  While it is generally the case that Obama and other Progressive Elitists want to interfere with the individual right to own and bear arms, the Federal Courts are finally standing up for the Second Amendment.

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