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19 November 2011

Obama Begs Asian Nations to Buy American Goods

Ending his trip to Southeast Asia and his home country of Indonesia, Obama has just given a speech about th many wonderful things he is doing to increase exports that support American jobs.  At the end of the speech, he claims he is willing to do everything he can to see to it that American businesses can succeed. This means he should:

1) Greatly lower the corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the developed world.

2) Repeal ObamaCare with its high taxes on health care, its requirements that the young subsidize the old and the healthy subsidize the unhealthy, and its effect of raising health insurance costs so high more and more American companies are no longer providing it as benefit and fewer and fewer people can afford to buy in on their own.

3) Repeal the minimum wage law which keeps under-educated Americans from getting on the job training so they can acquire job skills worthy of higher pay.

4) Stop draining the private sector of its wealth and income to grow the government parasite ever larger.

5) Stop Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley which cause American companies so much financial grief.

6) Stop trying to prevent coal mining and the use of coal to provide low cost and dependable electric power.

7) Stop trying to prevent oil and gas field development.

8) Stop preventing the building of oil and gas pipelines which can cheaply deliver their products to industry to make goods for the American economy and for export.

9) Transfer the unpaid tax collecting and filing duties from employers to employees, who then can evaluate the work involved in tax compliance and taxes paid better when they vote.

10) Stop using the government to interfere with freedom of contract in favor of union extortion schemes both in employer-employee agreements and in forcing companies to choose union-controlled states over those which are not union-controlled.

11) Stop mandating that expensive and unreliable so-called green energy must be used for electricity generation, thereby hurting the coal and natural gas industries and every industry and every household that uses energy.

12) Stop subsidizing and requiring the use of ethanol blends in gasoline which drives up the cost of doing business through increased fuel cost, increases our food costs and deprives us of food to export, and leaves consumers with less to spend on other goods and services.

13) Stop the nonsensical EPA declaration that CO2 is a pollutant and the NASA and NOAA claims it is a likely cause of catastrophic man-made global warming.

14) Get the government out of education so we can have the best educated workforce in the world and young people who will not be so indoctrinated into believing that socialism is good and commerce is bad.

15) Reduce FDA, FCC, FAA, SEC, NLRB, OSHA, IRS, and many other agency's direful impact on business efficiency.

16) End the death tax that kills so many small and medium sized American companies or at least sets them back badly upon the death of a primary owner.

17)  Reduce the capital gains tax so the the American economy can be sped up and more efficient.

18) Flatten the income tax so personal commercial success is punished less and people have more income to invest in businesses.

19)  Stop general government overspending which forces the Federal Reserve to purchase the Federal debt bonds, thereby flooding the economy with money and causing the cost of goods and services to go up.

20)  Stop spending more than tax revenues can pay for so that our economy is not hobbled with high taxes to pay interest on the ever-growing government debt.

21) Foster recognition that businessmen are providers of goods and services that the purchasers believe improve their lives, which is why they voluntarily buy them.  Thus, businessmen are bringing value to others and doing good.  When people do good their government should not be trying to vilify them and punish them.

Do these things and the President of the United States will not be running around the world begging other countries to do business with us. The people who run companies in those countries will be swarming to the U.S. to ask our companies to do business with them. People want to work with the best and we can be the very best if the government gets off our backs.

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