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23 August 2010

Ignorant of Business, Uninterested in American Jobs

Obama has proven himself uninterested in American business and totally ill-informed about how jobs are created.  He believes that if only government spends enough money on government programs, on subsidies for a few industries chosen for their support of socialist programs in exchange for those subsidies, and vilifies businessmen before the People for not creating jobs in America, that he can create jobs.  Unfortunately, he has only created government jobs, which always create a drain on the private sector, forcing it to increase production just to compensate for that drain.  When all of their hard-earned production increase is taken by government in the form of added taxes, added time for government reports, and added efforts to abide by massive and contradictory regulations and laws, the employers of the private sector no longer have the resources to create jobs.  What is more, they have less desire to create jobs, which only adds to their personal sense of responsibility in an ever more uncertain hell managed by ever-growing, arbitrary government.

Obama hates business, except as a victim from which he can suck wealth.  He is very comfortable in his disregard for the effort it takes to run a private business.  He is careful to keep people with knowledge of business at several arms-length remove.  Presidents are listed below with the percentage of Cabinet-level positions for each headed by someone with significant business experience:

Even John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter had use for the management skills and knowledge of businessmen at rates several times that of Obama.  Obama's own cluelessness is continuously ensured by his creation of a cocoon with nary the slightest influence of real-world businessmen.  There is no danger that this inept President will ever figure out what is needed to help the American economy recover and regain the self-assurance for which it is usually well-known.  Without that self-assurance, that comes to the American businessman when he knows he resides in an intelligible world in which he can calculate probable business growth and profits, no significant numbers of private sector jobs will be created.  That is a huge human tragedy, for as I showed here, the number of missing jobs in the American economy is 20.4 million!!!!!  That is a great many degraded American lives.

I wish to thank iamnothere for directing my attention to these figures on Presidential business cabinet member experience.

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