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22 March 2010

Our Illegitimate, Fascist Socialist Federal Government

The House of Representatives has signed the Senate health insurance takeover bill and Obama will now sign it.  There is an intention to make some amendments to this bill, but in essence it will remain the same.

Americans are now to be forced at the point of a gun to buy health insurance mandated by the federal government.  The government will dictate what services are to be covered and many aspects of what will be charged for those services.  The government will dictate when and to whom these services will be provided, since it must ration health care severely.  Of course, it will bring on the rationing a bit slowly so that We the People will stay in the ever hotter water just as frogs do if the heat is turned up gradually.

What has been accomplished with this health insurance takeover bill?  We have been lied to over and over by the Democrats that our health insurance costs will go down, but they will actually go up greatly for almost all of us.  Companies will have to reduce employees' take-home pay in order to pay still higher health insurance premiums for their employees.  Or, they can drop such coverage and pay the fine, which makes no sense, because it converts something of value to employees as compensation into something of value to neither the company nor the employee.  Still, companies will take this option in some cases rather than to be subject to further hassles from the IRS about whether the employee health plans meet the government specifications.  In fact, the IRS management may mean that if a health care insurance premium payment is a day late, companies will be hit with the fines and interest that they are hit with for late payroll tax payments.  The main reason small companies go out of business relates to cash flow issues and the most rigid cash flow issues of all are payroll taxes.  Adding to this cash flow problem will drive more companies out of business and cause more to go to the lower tax penalty cost on health care insurance since that rigid payment will be easier to make than the larger rigid ever-escalating cost of the government-mandated health insurance plan.

The quality of health care will go down.  I discussed some of the reasons for this in my last post.  There are many other reasons, but some of them I have discussed in earlier posts and others will be discussed in future posts.  Health care rationing must become more severe, as I have discussed in numerous earlier posts, such as this one.

But, the main thing we have lost is a government that protects our individual right to our life itself.  It is now transformed into a fascist socialist government which claims we have no individual right to our own lives.  We have lost government protection of our right to manage our own health to preserve our lives, as an exercise of our liberty, and to allow ourselves a chance to actively pursue our own individual happiness.  We now have a socialist government which plans to heavily interfere with our exercise of this right by putting us under the armed and intrusive surveillance of the IRS and well over 100 government agencies, all of whom are mandated to make many of our health decisions for us.  We can be sure that this tangled web of power-seeking bureaucrats will evolve their role in that decision process to be ever more dominant with time.  Not only will we be enslaved to these many agencies, but we will have no possible way of knowing and complying with the almost innumerable requirements which will be put upon us.  Even if we could know them all, we could not comply, because these agencies will put contradictory requirements on us as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow.  With equal certainty, many of us will die long before we manage to comply with their mandates, because many illnesses will not wait long enough for us to comply.  Implicit in all of our loses, is our loss of the effective ownership of our own bodies.

Socialist governments are always hot to control three aspects of our lives.  They insist on controlling the education of the People, so they can control them and teach them to serve the state.  Obama has made it very clear that he wants even more control of the American education system than government already has.  He wants to control the funding for all student loans for college, the curriculum, and the research money for colleges to control the faculty.  Obama is in tight with the socialist teachers unions on the control of American education as well.

Socialists seek control of commercial activity, so they can control the People's productive work and their jobs.  The redefined interstate commerce clause and the failure to enforce property rights, contract rights, and commercial association rights have long been used to wrest considerable control of the private commercial sector and to extort it.  Obama has shown a socialist commitment to this purpose with his takeover of banks and financial institutions, the takeover of GM and Chrysler, the legislation on credit card use, and Senator Dodd's proposed new regulations on financial institutions and for "consumer protection."  Legislation promoting more unionization of the private sector will be next.  Many administrative rulings have already helped the unions, as has some stimulus bill money.  The effort to gain control of our energy use with the false claims of the catastrophic man-made global warming scare has been followed by the absurd EPA ruling that CO2 is a pollutant.  The socialists claimed the environment justified this further death grip on the private sector and this opened many more avenues for extortion.

Finally, every socialist government lusts for the bodies of it citizens.  It must possess them.  They always pretend to offer medical services as a concern for the welfare of the People in order to take over control of the very continuation of their lives.  By taking over control of their health care, they make the People fundamentally dependent in the most subject way.  The government gains control over how long people live and how much pain and suffering they will be subject to.  This is an immense power.  The power-hungry socialist loves this kind of power and again such power is very useful as a tool of extortion.

The evil of this mindset is beyond recognition to any rational, benevolently joyous individual who thinks that life on Earth should be and can be a wonderful and rich adventure.  We cannot comprehend it, but we can see that it is there.  Evil people do indeed exist and they exist in fairly large numbers.  The Framers of our Constitution were very aware of this and this is why they neither trusted to a democracy nor to any oligarchy of elitists.  They gave us a representative government and insisted that even that government live within the tight constraints of our Constitution.  That Constitution was written to so limit the powers of government that it was not supposed to be able to do anything more that protect our inalienable, sovereign individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Our Founding Fathers had already established the principle that no government was legitimate which did not protect these individual rights and do so equally in the Declaration of Independence.  They had already told us that a People have the right, and even the duty, to rebel and throw off the shackles of any government that violates the rights of the individual.

Our present government has made it clear that it has no intention of limiting its powers to those given it by the Constitution.  Obama told us long ago that he does not like the Constitution because it does not allow redistribution of income and forced servitude of individuals.  Indeed, our federal government has not limited its powers to those of the Constitution for a long time.  But, this government has set a new standard as a terrible tyranny.  It could not be more clear that this government intends to respect the individual rights of the People to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not at all.  It clearly has its jackboot squarely on each of our necks and intends to crush any individual who does not meekly and docilely serve the socialist state.  Obama really meant it during the election when he said that service to the state was going to take on new meaning during his presidency.  He is using every trick of demagoguery, misdirection, lying, and extortion he learned as a Saul Alinsky community rabble-rouser to make the federal government a socialist tyranny.

Many of the American People have never put up with tyranny.  But, when the tyranny was Great Britain, there were Tories who were docile.  America today is full of Tories.  They are called Democrats.  The Obama government and the Democrat Tories have declared war on our most fundamental American value that the People, each and everyone, has the inalienable individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These are not collective rights.  These are rights each of us holds individually.  I have the right to my life and all aspects of its management.  I have the right to my liberty.  I have the right to choose my values and to manage my own life in accordance with those values.  I have the right to think for myself and to take action based on my own individual judgment.  I own my body, my time, and my labor.  I have the right to act in pursuit of my own happiness.  I have the right to manage my own health choices.  You also have these rights equally.

When the federal government has declared war by using arms and the threat of arms to deprive me of my individual rights, it has performed an act of war on me.  It has done the same to you.  Every individual has the right to defend his rights from those who use violence and extortion to deprive them of those inalienable rights.  Anyone who does not defend his rights is not really an American.  I am an American and I believe completely in the inalienable rights our Founding Fathers believed in and I believe completely in the Constitution which the Framers set up to protect our individual, inalienable rights.  I intend to defend the Constitution against this tyrannical onslaught of fascist socialism.

As the tyranny of Great Britain mounted before the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers and those who joined them, frequently disobeyed the illegitimate laws of Great Britain.  This might mean they did not always put the required stamps on their playing cards, pay the tax on windows, or they might dump tea into Boston Harbor, or they smuggled in goods to avoid tariffs.  Americans today often exceed the speed limit and round a few corners on reporting all of their income, but most of us obey the laws as best we can.  But, some laws, such as those requiring us to report our health care insurance to the IRS, we ought to start massively disobeying.  It is time to start telling this government that we will not bow docilely and place our necks under their hobnailed boot.  It is time to defend our individual rights and our Constitution with some civil disobedience.

In 2010, we must turn out of office every Democrat possible in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  We must replace these members of the socialist party with someone who has at least some commitment to our Constitution and to our inalienable individual rights.  I am sure we will not always get a really good choice, but we must still teach tyrants the important lesson that we will turn them out.  If we work with the Tea Party enthusiasts, we will be able to find many candidates who are at least a marked improvement over the present socialists of the Democrat party.  We must not let up, since we must turn out even more socialists in the election of 2012 and then we must become very serious about rolling back the socialist state.  We must return government to the role of protecting, not violating, our inalienable individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Just like they Tell us to WAER SEATBELTS,(GROWNUPS) in our own VEHICLES ,which by the way is PRIVATE PROPERTY,And With Smoking at Restuarants,Bars,Theme Parks,Beaches,They DEEM these Places PUBLIC PROPERTY..They are NOT OWNED or Part of ANY PUBLICE or GOVT AGENCY,Unless I lost The true MEANING in the DICTIONARY......

Anonymous said...

"In 2010, we must turn out of office every Democrat possible in the House of Representatives and the Senate. We must replace these members of the socialist party with someone who has at least some commitment to our Constitution and to our inalienable individual rights"
Both PUKES & RATS two faces of the same coin,Americans have NO BACK BONE to stand up against a mouse much less the government!

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

When Tom DeLay challenged the constitutionality of the health insurance mandate last night, Geraldo Rivera of Fox News instantly replied that of course the government had the power to mandate health insurance under the interstate commerce clause. Then he recited a list of things regulated under that clause. Of course, all of these regulations were actually violations of the intent of that clause, which was to keep the states from interfering with trade between the states. There was no intent that the federal government was to interfere with trade between the states, but this is what constitutional law has degenerated into as the meaning of to regulate has been changed. To regulate now means to interfere with free trade, not to enable it. We have gone so far down this false path that the false path already traveled is used as precedent for going further down the false path.

Property and economic rights were taken as many sneered at mere commercial activity, but once these property rights were lost, our right to our own bodies and our own lives was bound to fall under attack. This federal government now tells us we have no property right in our own bodies and no business managing our own health. This means we have no right to life itself.

Anonymous said...

More Americans are following reality television like Biggest Loser or American Idol than are paying attention to anything political.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Second Anonymous: Thanks for your comment.

The video says mice should not elect cats to rule them. Neither should men elect politicians to rule them! Unfortunately, once government becomes overgrown, the election process becomes so arduous that mostly only men seeking to gain power and wealth from office are motivated to run for office. Simple and minimal government attracts men of wise and good intention, but socialist government tends to attract beasts, the carnivorous kind who want to eat us. Hmmm... that makes them fat cats. They like to claim that businessmen are fat cats, but that is only true when the businessmen get the always fat cat politicians to give them a monopoly or cabal.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Third anonymous: Thanks for your comment. I do not understand the appeal of reality TV. But, I also could never understand why so many of today's elitists were college students who drank until they were sick every Friday and Saturday night.

People do seem to exercise their free will in mighty strange ways! For instance, I spend a lot of time doing science, while some think I should have spent more time partying!

If we had a Constitutional government, it would be safe to allow much of the population to watch reality TV. Unfortunately, when you have a government rich in usurped power, no one can afford to take their eyes off it, as this health care bill demonstrates in a huge way.

Jetgraphics said...

My fellow Americans, please recall what the Declaration of Independence begins with: job #1 - secure rights, job #2 - govern those who consent.

Apparently, they didn't inform us that once consent is given, job #1 is waived.
(Look up the legal definition of the militia, and the Supreme court cites that state that the duty is NOT involuntary servitude).

In the most succinct terms - enemy #1 is looking back at you in the mirror.

You must begin to read the law, to uncover the truth that will set you free...
That American nationals, free inhabitants, domiciled within the boundaries of the U.S.A. are still endowed with the inalienable rights from the Creator.

But woe to those poor U.S. citizens / residents, duly enrolled into national socialism, residing at residences, obligated to get permission (license) to wed, engage in occupations, operate a business, fly a plane, treat the ill, fish and hunt, and own a dog... those poor souls are voluntary serfs of the Federal and State governments.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for your comments Jetgraphics. I quite agree with you that we are a Republic in which sovereignty lies with the people, not the socialist elitists who have taken over our federal government and many of our state governments. Ben Franklin said the constitutional convention had given us a Republic, if we could keep it. Our Constitution was supposed to help us to keep it, but it could only do so if we understood it and its purpose. Its principal purpose was to serve as a bulwark against rapacious rulers, who have arisen everywhere at all times throughout history, who wish to deprive us of our inalienable and sovereign right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This fundamental sovereign right is actually very complex, but it boils down to each individual has the right to think for himself, choose his own values, and manage his own life. That we must be free to do these things is a function of the nature of man, whether one believes that nature is the result of a god or of evolution independent of a god.

The second link given by Jetgraphics has some interesting information in it. I have only skimmed through it in the midst of my workday, but I expect to return to it for a more careful reading later. Some of the definitions from Black's Law Dictionary and references to court cases are among the interesting information given.