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07 November 2008

Obama: Students Required to Serve

Since my earlier post just before polls opened on election day on Obama and his plans for numerous governmental service agencies and goals for students to perform community service, his website as President-Elect put out a call for service which changed the wording for student service from "set a goal" to "require." Apparently, enough people got hot over that that the "require" was quickly changed back to "set a goal."

Unfortunately, the goals of the highly socialist education profession and the teacher's unions are such that HIS setting goals for involuntary servitude will be enough that many more public school systems will add a requirement for community service for graduation.

I live in Maryland, The Free State. This is a joke left over from long ago when Maryland was notable for a higher degree of religious freedom than was found in most colonies and then in the states soon after our independence. Now, it is one of the more tyrannical states of the union. Maryland already requires students to perform community service as a requirement for high school graduation and proudly proclaims itself the first state to have such a requirement. I believe that the requirement is 50 hours, but none of the state or county school board websites I have visited spell out what the requirement is. They spell out the subject requirements clearly, but then they usually have the statement that attendance and service-learning requirements must also be met. Yes, slavery is called service-learning.

I can only imagine the hue and cry if the history books were to describe the slavery of African-Americans before the Civil War as a service-learning requirement.

The highest education official in the state of Maryland has just called for making the high school graduation requirement in the state 100 hours of community service. It appears he is already responding to Obama's call for setting a higher service goal.

Our American tradition has always limited government's role to some subset of human interactions and relationships and to a portion of our community affairs. We did not conflate government with society, but instead had the concept that society was much broader in scope than government. The socialists seek to eradicate this idea and seek to subsume all the relationships and interactions of a society into a broadly expanded government role with government regulation, control, and direction for all human activities. The "service-learning" high school graduation requirement has several purposes:
  • To force students to obey government not only in school, but also in required activities outside school.
  • To accustom students to conflate government with society.
  • To make them believe the dogma that charity must be provided by government or its mandatory requirements and that it cannot depend upon voluntary acts of charity by benevolent people.
  • To reduce the budget costs of some government services by bringing in free student labor.
  • To complement the socialist teaching of history which emphasizes the malevolent and uncharitable aspects of human nature and overemphasizes the number of people who do not fare well under a Capitalist system.
Thanks again to Robert Bidinotto for making me aware of the change Obama made from "setting a goal" to "require" in one of his 7 November 2008 posts.


ObjectivistGuy said...

This would make an ironic headline: first black President, brings back involuntary servitude.

Charles R. Anderson said...

It will no doubt be considered indelicate for us to that note of such ironies. But, if anything, shouldn't we be inclined to suspect that African Americans would be particularly sensitive to involuntary servitude and most inclined to oppose it? Yet they are most inclined to embrace it. Shouldn't we be inclined to believe that Jews would be particularly sensitive to fascist socialism or even to Marxist socialism, yet have not unusually numbers of them embraced these socialisms? Haven't Hispanic peoples suffered enough at the hands of elites and despots in Spain and Latin America that they should also be particularly strong advocates of individual rights? Yet they are not. How can people be so resistant to learning from history? It sure puzzles me.