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13 September 2008

Sarah of Wasilla

Sarah of Wasilla leaped into the contiguous United States, a heroine in shining armor, and energized the Republican Party, the conservatives of that party, John McCain, many white women, many blue-collar Americans, and my friend Robert Bidinotto. Clearly many are either smitten or admirers, or both.

Robert Bidinotto has been doing a thorough job of documenting the socialists' attempts to smear and discredit our American heroine, Sarah of Wasilla, at the Bidinotto Blog. Most recently, he has uncovered how Charles Gibson of ABC in his interview with Sarah of Wasilla very selectively edited her responses to his questions to make her look as unprepared and generally uncertain as possible. Often, the most substantive part of her response was edited out! This interview is a travesty of objective journalism and as clearly as is possible shows that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is in Barack Hussein Obama's harem.

I highly recommend that you visit his blog and get a more accurate view of our American heroine.


miss breeziness said...

From what I've heard around the libertarian blogosphere, I really like Sarah Palin. As a person, at least, although some of her politics are too socially conservative.

Some of my liberal friends really hate her, though. There's even a website called "American Women Against Sarah Palin"...

Charles R. Anderson said...

It is easy to see why the socialists dislike her. For my part, I disagree with her on outlawing abortions, but I agree that government should play no role in helping women to get abortions and that partial birth abortions are wrong. I also believe that government has no business in the marriage license business and should only offer domestic partnerships. These should be offered without gender or even number restrictions, but should be a parallel to a business partnership.

But, the biggest issues of the day are these:

Are we to have a fascist socialist government?

Should government restrict our use of energy?

Should government control our use of land and resources in the name of radical environmentalism?

On these most important issues, Sarah seems to be quite good. She is much better than what we are getting in either of the Democrat candidates and better than what we are getting even in McCain.

Why do the liberals hate her? First, they hate anyone who is fearless in fighting them and has the temerity to believe they are morally right. Second, they are so strongly attached to the false gods of class, racial, and gender identity that they hate anyone who steps out of their group as an individual. This is why they hate Justice Clarence Thomas so much. They have to hate Sarah for the same reasons. She is not only a woman, but she is also from a sort of lower middle class background that they are trying to claim as a base group for their socialist schemes. She has stepped out as an individual in many too many ways and she has refused to ever be a victim. Oh, they hate that.

I think she is someone I would really enjoy sitting down with and talking to. I expect I could enjoy many conversations with her. I sure cannot say that for Obama or Biden. I could probably enjoy a couple of conversations with McCain, but before long, we would be fighting. With Sarah, one would simply enjoy a conversation.

miss breeziness said...

Yes, I've seen the way some of them attack black conservatives, gay conservatives, etc. There have even been downright racist caricatures of black conservatives which they certainly wouldn't forgive if used on any other black.

I wonder if you've heard of the incident in which one of the webmasters of a gay cruise site, or dating site (I forgot) donated money to the McCain campaign. There was an outrage and people claimed they would never use that website again. It's the "tow the party line" mentality, folks!

I agree about Sarah Palin being the sort you'd have a nice conversation with. Recently, I wrote some words about her here.

I agree that a socialist government is the last thing America needs, or, darn it, any country needs. But remember that no matter what, Palin will only be the vice-president. It's the president who calls the shots!

Charles R. Anderson said...

True that the President runs the Executive Branch and the Vice President is at best usually about as important as a cabinet member. I suspect that McCain will use Palin to help him get reforms done in the government much more actively than VPs are usually used. It will be interesting to watch.

I hope he will listen to her on issues such as the environment and global warming and energy. She will be a force for the better if he has enough sense to do so. It may help that he really likes her.

miss breeziness said...

Yes, Palin is good on energy and environmental issues. But I came across this on one of my LJ friends' posts...and just by the headline alone, I'm not sure if she's gonna be that good.

Mind you, this is the blog of a very vocal liberal activist. However, if the charge is true, it's a black mark on her.

Charles R. Anderson said...

I would suspect that a line item of $3,000 which the police chief requested in the 1998-1999 year did not get much of Palin's attention as long as it was for a legitimate purpose. In other words, it would seem unlikely that she would take notice of the fact that it was less than half of the previous year amount. I would be surprised if she did know that the police chief was stinting on the rape medical test costs.

When it comes to finding police chiefs, it is probably difficult to find one who is both sensitive to victims and hard on criminals. There seem to be many who are hard on criminals, as they ought to be, and not very sensitive to victims. There seem to be many who are sensitive to victims and easy on criminals. The best police chief would be hard on criminals and sensitive to victims, but that requires a very rational character, which is not easy to find.

There was still money in the budget for the purpose of rape victim medical exams. Perhaps this was to cover any expenses when the victim did not have insurance which would cover the cost. Still, it does seem that the city should have paid for this expense except when the medical test could not confirm that a rape occurred and there was reason to believe that person had given false testimony.

There is also a need here to keep things in context. It is impossible to run any level of government without some problems and errors occurring. The chief executive has to delegate authority and someone at some level will surely do unwise things. Since Obama let renovation and building contracts to sleazy political contributors over and over, this looks very piddling in comparison.

Sarah Palin was a very available mayor according to a great deal of testimony, so it would appear that any unhappy rape victim could have easily brought these medical costs to her attention. Let us see if anyone steps forward and claims to have done so.