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03 April 2008

Rose Robbins: Passionate Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician

On the recommendation of a friend, Robert Bidinotto, I visited CD Baby to listen to some of the songs from a CD called Close Your Eyes by Rose Robbins. I liked what I heard so much that I bought two copies, one for home and one for my office at the lab. I have listened to this CD over and over and it has not ceased giving me great pleasure every time I do, despite a few hundred repetitions. I owe Robert a great debt for introducing me to Rose Robbins.

And I owe Rose Robbins a fortune for giving me these songs and her music. In response, I did something very uncharacteristic. I wrote a fan letter and e-mailed it to her. She responded and we exchanged a few notes. I found her to be a delightful person, witty, intelligent, passionate about her music, straightforward and genuine, and as warm and nice a human being as one could wish. But, she is also the mother of five young children and she soon had to leave her husband who was abusive and unsupportive of her music career. She holds down two regular jobs and also sings in the Northwest within a hundred mile radius of her home in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, which is east of Spokane, Washington. In such a relatively remote area, it is difficult to develop a musical career, especially because she limits her travel so she can be with her children.

"Luminous" was her first song and it was released in 2003. It won "Best Song of 2004" at the International Online Music Awards and it was played extensively on online radio stations in the U. S., the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. She was also nominated for "Best Female Vocalist" at the IOMAs.

Rose released her second single "Whisper" in late 2004 and it went to the top of the Jazz ratings at many online music distributors. It was chosen for use in a movie, "Monkey Love," a quirky romantic comedy.

Her music is described as "a stunning mix of elegant piano playing, soulful, smoky vocals, and a tender, evocative songwriting style." Robert Bidinotto says that Rose Robbin's Close Your Eyes CD has unforgettable melodies, lyrics rich in metaphor and exuding passion, while Rose accompanies herself brilliantly on piano, keyboards, and guitar and sings exquisitely. "She sings jazz, rock, blues, R&B, folk, torch songs, ditties of impish whimsy, and even the occasional spiritual. But the best are Rose Robbin's enchanting love songs: exuberant in their celebration of newfound passion, heartbreaking in their despair about lost love. Songs like "Blue Sky," "Stained Glass Window," and "Pale Yellow Rose" are the stuff of classics -- songs that grab you by the throat and won't let go. And she serves them up in a silky, sultry, sexy voice -- a voice that goes down as sweet and smooth as a mixture of whiskey and honey...."

And Robert is right about all of this. Her music reflects her character. No, it shares her character in a very personal way with me and I dare say with Robert and with you. When she sings she is in the room with me and singing to me alone. And I feel privileged that she would do so. Yes, me, self-assured me! I feel like the average guy in "Whisper", another favorite song, and bask in the reassurance that such a woman can love me. Rose really is one whose heart is big and inclined to love all good people and I respond with joy that I can also love her. If yours is a benevolent heart, you will love her too. Her music goes far beyond entertainment and it talks intimately with your soul.

Please do me a favor and, more importantly, do yourself a favor and go here and listen to her. She also sings her new single "Rain," which you can download from iTunes. Then go to her website here and purchase her CD Close Your Eyes. Thanks!

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